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Sending and Receiving Email in Outlook on Windows

Sending Email

  1. Open Outlook (select it from your Start menu - it may be under a Microsoft Office folder - or search your list of apps) and make sure that the Home tab is selected in the upper left corner.
  2. You can either select the New E-mail icon, or use the drop down menu under New Items to choose to create any new Outlook item.
  3. New Email To button
    Outlook 2016 and 2013
    New Email
    Outlook 2010

  4. In the Untitled - Message window, select the To button to bring up the CUMC/NYPH/Columbia address book (you can also directly type a known email address into the To field).
  5. New Email To button
  6. The Select Names window will appear. In the top left field, begin typing the name of the recipient (last name first). Outlook finds any names with the same spelling and will highlight the closest one.
    Address Search
    • Make sure your desired recipient is highlighted in by a blue bar in the center area of the window, then select the To button at the bottom.
    • If you have multiple recipients or would like to use the Cc or Bcc fields, you may continue to search for names and select the appropriate To/Cc/Bcc button at the bottom of the window to add recipients.
    • By default Outlook will look for contacts in the Global Address List, which is the combined Columbia-NYPH address book/directory. If you have your own list of manually entered or imported contacts in Outlook or Exchange, select the drop down menu for the Address Book in the upper right corner of the Select Names window.
    The contact name is entered in the field as an underlined entry; select OK when done addressing to return to your message.
  7. Enter your desired text in the Subject field and in the body area of the email, then select the Send button.
  8. Send your message
  9. In your list of folders on the left side of the main Outlook window, the message will first move to your Outbox. As soon as Outlook establishes connection with the CUMC email server (if connected to the network this will happen almost instantly), the message is sent and moves into your Sent Items folder.
  10. Sent Email Folder

Receiving Email

  1. Select the Send/Receive tab from Outlook's top menu bar, then the Send/Receive All icon.
    NOTE: You don't need to do anything other than starting/logging in to Outlook and leaving it open to receive email. The CUMC email server will automatically push new messages to your Inbox as they are sent.
  2. Send and Receive button
  3. New and unread messages will appear in your Inbox in bold.
    • The folder list in the left-most column will indicate new and unread messages by displaying the number of unread messages to the right of the folder name.
    • The next column to the right will list the messages in the folder you that is selected in the left column. You can click on the By... (or Arrange By:) column heading to change the way the messages are sorted - by Date, From, Subject, Attachments, etc.
    • The email message that is selected in the middle column will show in the preview pane further to the right, or you can double-click on the email to open it in its own window.
    Inbox and message

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Last updated 6/20/2018