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Set Up CUMC Email on Outlook for Windows

Outlook is part of the Microsoft Office Suite of programs that is free to current CUMC faculty, staff and students. It is one of the CUMC IT standard supported email clients for Windows, and offers the best compatibility with CUMC's Exchange/Office 365 ( email accounts.

If you are new to CUMC, before setting up Outlook please be sure that your account is active (try logging in to the Web Outlook), that you have changed your password from any default/initial one that was provided to you, and that messages addressed to your virtual account will be forwarded.

Configuring CUMC Email in Outlook on Windows
Instructions can be used with Outlook 2016 and 2013.
NOTE: Those using Outlook 2010 should upgrade to a newer version as it is not fully compatible with Office 365.

A printable PDF copy of these instructions is available as well.
  1. Open the Mail settings on your computer: click the Start icon in the bottom left corner of your computer screen, then type Control Panel in the search bar or select it from the menu that appears. In the Control Panel select the User Accounts link, then the Mail icon.
  2. Windows Control Panel Mail link
  3. From the Mail Setup window select Show Profiles.
    NOTE: If the computer does not have any Outlook profiles already set up, you will not see the Mail Setup window and can skip to step 3.
  4. Windows Mail Show Profiles button
  5. Select the Add button near the middle of the Mail window.
  6. Windows Mail Add Profile button
  7. Type your desired Profile Name in the New Profile window; we recommend using CUMC. Click OK to continue.
    NOTE: When more than one email account is set up on the computer, Outlook will use the Profile Name(s) to let you choose the one you want to log in to.
  8. Windows Mail New Profile name
  9. The Add Account window will appear. Make sure the E-mail Account option is selected, then type in Your Name and your full CUMC email address:, where youruni is your individual Columbia UNI.
    NOTE: If you are logged in to the computer with your MC Domain account, it may automatically detect and fill out this information for you including the shared email/MC domain password.
  10. Outlook 2013 Add Account Window
  11. Type in your CUMC email password twice, once each in the Password field and again in the Retype Password field.
  12. Select the Next button in the lower right corner of the Add Account window. You will see a message that Outlook is Searching mail server settings... It may take a few minutes to connect to your account.
  13. Once Outlook has found your account, the Windows Security login window will appear.
    Make sure the prompt shows your full CUMC email address (if not click Use another account, then type in your full CUMC email address for the Username), and type in the password for your CUMC email account.
  14. Click the OK button; Outlook will attempt to login to your account.
    • If you are entering your CUMC email account password incorrectly, your account will automatically lock after three consecutive bad attempts. You will not see an error message but will continue to be prompted to type in your username and password. To immediately unlock your account use the myPassword site.
    • If the Mail Application - Connecting login prompt appears more than twice and you are using a computer that is not on the CUMC campus, it may be faster to set up your email account when you are connected to VPN. Please cancel any open windows, connect to VPN and try again. Once email is set up on the computer you should not need VPN to use your CUMC email in Outlook.
  15. Once you have successfully logged in, your UNI will change to the full CUMC email address, with the Server and User Name underlined. Click Next in the lower right to continue.
  16. Exchange Server Settings Resolved
  17. The Add Account window will display a success message, click the Finish in the lower right.

  18. The profile you created now appears in the Mail dialog box. Select Apply and then OK.
    NOTE: If you wish to use more than one Outlook profile on the computer (for example, one for CUMC and the other for a personal email address), select the Prompt for a profile to be used option. When Outlook is opened, you will be prompted to select the profile you would like Outlook to use for that session. Otherwise you can leave Always use the profile selected.
  19. Mail Profile accounts window
  20. Open Outlook (select it from your Start menu - it may be under a Microsoft Office folder - or search your list of apps) and enter your CUMC email password when prompted. You will see your mailbox folders including your Inbox.
  21. To verify that you are fully connected, send yourself or a colleague a test message and make sure it is properly received.
For additional help see the main Outlook for Windows page with links to tutorials on:
  • Basic tasks in Outlook
  • Adding a signature to messages
  • Checking spelling before sending
  • Send automatic Out-of-office replies
  • Recovering deleted items
  • Recalling a message after sending
  • Using Bcc
  • Sharing and managing calendars
  • More help and instructions

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Last updated 4/12/2018