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During Email Migration and After

Those that have completed all steps Prior to Migration can expect the following while their CUMC email account is being migrated, and afterwards.

If you have not completed pre-migration steps or if you experience issues after migration: We strongly recommend completing all pre-migration steps and trying self help instructions in case there are delays getting assistance after your group has been migrated.

During Migration
Migration is being performed in groups throughout Summer 2017, typically by department. If you are not sure of your schedule, please contact your supervisor, department administrator or school, or your Certified IT Group.
The actual migrations are scheduled overnight/during off hours. During this time:
  • Your CUMC email account will not be available as it is being moved (typically less than 10 minutes).
  • Any messages sent to you during this time will be queued, then delivered to your migrated account after its move is completed.
After Migration
Once your CUMC email account has been moved, email programs you were using may show a message that the program must be restarted and/or prompt for your login. Detailed steps and troubleshooting for computers and mobile devices are linked further below, but in general:
  • Outlook on a computer - restart Outlook if prompted. If a login appears at the same time as the restart prompt, click Cancel. After restarting Outlook, make sure the login prompt shows your full CUMC email address and type in your email password.
    If a prompt appears regarding your account being redirected to allow or get new settings, check the option Don't ask me about this website again (Windows) or Always use my response (Macintosh), then click the Allow button. Your Inbox etc. should appear as usual.
  • Mobile devices - open your email app and login when prompted. If the app does not connect to your CUMC email, you can try checking the app/account settings to make sure any username field shows your full CUMC email address, and any Domain field is blank. Some devices/apps may not allow editing the existing settings, if so you will need to remove the account and set it back up again: iPhone/iPad or Android.
Detailed Post Migration steps for:

More Help

Check your Junk Mail folder regularly after being migrated as it may take a short period for your Office 365 account to properly filter messages. If a message is incorrectly marked as junk simply click and drag it to move it to your Inbox. Detailed instructions are on the Junk Folder and Settings page.

If you use Outlook on a computer, information and tutorials on the Outlook on Windows or Outlook on Macintosh still apply. For Web Outlook select the question mark in the upper right after signing in to see or search for help topics, or see the Getting Started in Outlook on the web for Office 365 on Microsoft's website.

The Computer Training page has information on using for free through the Columbia University license. Once you sign, in look for Office 365 or Outlook topics to view video tutorials. The CUMC IT home page and Email at CUMC section of the website will be also updated as new information and features for Office 365 are rolled out.

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Last updated 11/13/2017