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Set Up an iPhone or iPad for CUMC Email

Setting up an iPhone or iPad to connect to your CUMC email account will automatically enforce it to use a passcode lock and encryption as per University policy.

If your device is not already encrypted, backup its data before configuring email. See iOS: How to back up for instructions on backing up to your computer. If the backup contains sensitive data, make sure the computer storing the backup is also properly encrypted. Do not backup to iCloud as Apple does not have a Business Associate Agreement with CUMC to access or store sensitive data.

IMPORTANT: Whenever you change or reset your password for your CUMC email (and/or MC computer login) account, make sure any mobile device(s) connected to your CUMC email prompts for and accepts the new password. If not it may attempt to use the old, invalid password and lock your email account. If needed see additional help in the Synchronize Your MC Password page.

Which App Should I Use?
There are two apps that can be used for your CUMC email on an iPhone or iPad:
  • The Outlook app can be installed on devices running iOS 8 or higher and offers better compatibility with Office 365 email. Keep in mind it is "sandboxed"; if your device is lost or stolen and you would like to do a remote wipe to protect data, it will only wipe the Outlook app rather than the entire phone. Be sure you are using Find my Phone/iPad as well in case a full wipe of all data on the device is required.
  • The default Mail app that is pre-installed on iPhones/iPads is compatible, but may not offer advanced features for Office 365 email. If your device is lost or stolen, a remote wipe can be initiated from Web Outlook to securely remove all data stored on it.
A printable PDF copy of these instructions is available as well.

Configure the Outlook app for CUMC Email
  1. Make sure your device is connected to a cellular network (LTE/4G/3G) or wifi other than guest-net, such as Mercury secure wifi. Initial set up of CUMC email won't work on guest-net!
  2. Open the Outlook app on your device (download Outlook for iOS from the App store if it is not already installed). If this is the first time opening the app you may see a Get Started prompt; tap it to continue.
  3. At the next window type in your full CUMC email address (ex: and tap Add Account.
  4. Add Email Account window in Outlook app
  5. At the Exchange window, make sure your full CUMC email address is listed, then type in its password. For Description, we recommend using CUMC Exchange.
  6. Outlook app Advanced Settings
  7. If the Advanced Settings slider is set to on, tap it to turn off.
  8. Tap the Sign In button when ready. The Outlook app will connect to your CUMC email account and display current messages.
    IMPORTANT: If there are initial issues connecting, the Outlook app may prompt for advanced settings such as the server and domain. Leave these blank; simply re-enter your password while verifying that your full CUMC email address appears in any Email and Username fields, then try to sign in again.
Icons at the bottom of the Outlook app let you switch other items in your CUMC email account such as your Calendar. Select Settings to adjust notifications, your signature on the device, etc., and view Help for additional instructions on using the app.

Configure the Mail app for CUMC Email
  1. Make sure your device is connected to a cellular network (LTE/4G/3G) or wifi other than
    guest-net, such as Mercury secure wifi. Initial set up of CUMC email won't work on guest-net!
  2. iPhone Exchange Settings
  3. Select Settings from your device's home screen.
  4. Select Mail (or Mail, Contacts, Calendars),
    then Add Account.
  5. Select Exchange or Microsoft Exchange.
  6. Enter the following information:
    • Email: - use your
      actual Columbia UNI (ex: abc1234) instead of youruni
    • Password: type in your CUMC email password
    • Description: CUMC Exchange is recommended,
      though you can use any preferred description
    If you are prompted for additional fields such as a domain or server, leave these blank. Make sure any Username field shows your full CUMC email address (rather than just your UNI).
  7. Tap Next in the upper right corner. The device will try to connect to the CUMC Exchange mail system.
  8. iOS Items to Sync
  9. A list of Exchange account items that can be synchronized on your device will appear.
    Move sliders to desired positions for your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc. and tap Save in the upper right.
  10. Set your Mail days to sync option to your desired period of time.
    • If it doesn't appear automatically you may need to scroll to the bottom of the screen, or exit Exchange and return (tap Settings - Mail, Contacts, Calendar - CUMC Exchange), then select Mail days to sync below the list of items.
    • Be cautious when choosing No Limit. If the device doesn't have a sufficient amount of free storage space at any point, your email delivery may fail.
  11. Exit Exchange; your iPhone or iPad will connect and display current messages in the Mail app.


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Last updated 1/07/2019