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After Migration - iPhone and iPad

Those using an iPhone or iPad can use the instructions below for logging in to your Mail or Outlook app if you recently removed and re-added your CUMC email account on the device.

Mail app
  1. Open the Mail app and enter your CUMC email password when prompted.
    • If the app is able to connect to your account, your messages will appear as usual. No other steps need to be taken for your iPhone or iPad.
    • If there are problems connecting to your account, you will see multiple login prompts. Tap cancel and continue with the next step.
  2. Exit the Mail app and go to Settings - Mail (or Mail, Contacts, Calendar) - and tap your CUMC email (Exchange) account.
  3. Find the Domain and Username fields in the Account window.
    The image below shows older settings that would prevent the account from connecting.
  4. CUMC old email account settings
  5. Make sure the Domain field is blank, and the Username field contains your full CUMC email address ( If needed, tap into either field to remove or type in correct information.
  6. CUMC corrected email account settings
  7. Tap Done in the upper right to exit the Account window, then exit Settings.
  8. Open the Mail app; if prompted, type in your CUMC email password. Your messages should appear as usual.
If you cannot exit the Account window with the updated settings, or continue to get login prompts for the Mail app, the device will not allow the Account settings to be edited. Please remove your CUMC email account from the device and then set it up again using current instructions.

Outlook app
  1. When first opening Outlook you will be prompted to login. Make sure your full CUMC email address appears in any username field and type in your email password.
  2. Tap Sign in. Outlook may take a moment to connect to your migrated email account.
  3. If prompted to add another account, tap Skip.
  4. The app may display tips for using it with your email account, follow prompts to review or skip as desired.
  5. Your CUMC email will appear as usual.

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Last updated 11/15/2017