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Set Up a BlackBerry for CUMC Email

Setting up a BlackBerry to connect to your CUMC email account will automatically enforce it to use a passcode lock and encryption as per University policy.

BlackBerry devices must use OS 10 or higher; those running an older version may not be able to upgrade and will not be able to connect to CUMC email. Instructions to check your version are at the bottom of this page.

Configure Your CUMC Email

  1. If your device is not already encrypted, be sure to run a backup before configuring your email to avoid possible loss of information. This can be done on most BlackBerrys via the BlackBerry Link program. It is also important to keep your BlackBerry plugged into its power cord while finishing email setup so initial encryption is not interrupted by a drained battery.
  2. Enter Settings from your home screen, then Accounts.
  3. Select the Add Account option, then Email, Calendar, and Contacts.
  4. Type in your full CUMC email address: [uni]
    Use your own, individual UNI in place of [uni]
  5. Select Next.
  6. Type in your CUMC email password, then select Next.
  7. A Looking up connection information message will appear. After connecting to your CUMC email account, choose your desired synchronization settings, then select Done.
Your BlackBerry is now connected to your CUMC email account. There may be an initial delay in synchronizing all of your messages and folders, but you will be able to send messages right away.

Password Changes and Account Lockouts

IMPORTANT: Whenever you change or reset your password for your CUMC email (and/or MC computer login) account, make sure any mobile device(s) connected to your CUMC email prompts for and accepts the new password. If not it may attempt to use the old, invalid password and lock your email account. If needed see additional help in the Synchronize Your MC Password page.

What OS version is my Blackberry using?

Blackberry devices must be using OS version 10 or higher to connect to CUMC email.
  • Newer phones - Select Settings in the Home screen, then About and look for version information.
  • Older phones - Select Option in the Home screen (it may be in Settings), then Device, then About Device Versions.



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Last updated 5/15/2018