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MC Domain Accounts

Using myPassword to Change Your Password

Whenever you need to change your MC domain (computer login) or Exchange email account password, you can do so instantly online using the myPassword web site.
  • You must have already set up your myPassword profile with security questions before you can change, reset or unlock your password. Click here for instructions on setting up a profile.
  • After changing your password make sure the old one isn't still stored on mobile devices, off campus computers and encrypted computers.
To change your password via the myPassword web site:
  1. If you have a smartphone or tablet that is connected to your Exchange email account, put the device(s) in Airplane mode BEFORE changing your password. This prevents it from trying to connect using a password that is no longer correct and locking the account.
  2. Go to
  3. You will be prompted to login with your Columbia UNI account and password. This is not the same login as your computer or Exchange account, though they may all use your Columbia UNI for your account name.

    UNI Login Window

  4. The myPassword Self-Service page will appear. Select the link to Change my Password.

    myPassword Home Page

  5. You will be prompted to login with your MC account, the same login you use for your computer and/or you Exchange email account.
    NOTE: There is a 6 minute Inactivity Countdown timer at the bottom of most pages in the myPassword web site. This is a security feature to prompt another login if there is no activity on the page within that time, preventing someone else from changing information if you have left your computer unattended. If you require more time to fill out fields on a myPassword page, you can simply click any blank spot on the myPassword page to start the timer over again.

    myPassword Login Window

  6. Select the radio button to the right of your desired option:
    • Generate - to have myPassword to pick a new secure password for your account, make sure the radio button to the left of Generate is selected and click the Generate Password button. Memorize the password that appears, then click the Change Password button at the bottom of the page to instantly make this your new password.
    • Enter - if you'd like to select your own password. Remember that it must meet strong password criteria:
      • It must be 8 or more characters long.
      • It must use a combination of upper and lower case letters.
      • It must include at least one numeric and/or special character (&, ?, @, etc).
      • It cannot be the same as any of the 3 previous passwords you've used for this account.
      Make sure the radio button to the right of Enter is selected, then type your desired password in both the Password: and Confirm: fields. Select the Change Password button to immediately set this as your new password.

    Change Your Password

  7. You will see a message reading Your Password has been Changed! and can begin using your new password for both you MC domain account and Exchange.
  8. IMPORTANT - see instructions linked below to synchronize your changed password on the following:

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Last updated 9/10/2015