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Connecting to the Wired CUMC Network

All computers, networked printers, and other peripherals connecting to the CUMC network must register for a network connection before they will be allowed access; full policy information can be found on the Network Use page. Registration is required to help provide a secure network and comply with HIPAA regulations, as our network is shared with the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.
NOTE: Instructions on this page are for staff/faculty computers only. For student owned computers, see the Residential Network page.

Registration simply means that current contact information and basic details are provided for the system. This information is used for emergency contact if the system becomes infected with a virus or conducts suspicious activity (such as spamming or port scanning) on the CUMC network. It is also required that any systems that move or change ownership update their contact information.

All computers connecting to the CUMC network must:
  1. Have received all critical updates and patches for their operating systems
  2. Have updated antivirus and antispyware programs running
  3. Be free of viruses, trojans, and other malicious programs

Please be sure to scan your computer for viruses etc. prior to registration, or it could be blocked from the network.

To register, you will need to know the system's Media Access Control or "MAC" address. This is a unique set of 12 characters that is hard coded on the network card - unique on every system world wide. It may also be referred to as the Hardware or Physical address. The MAC will be the system's identifier on the CUMC network, so if the network card changes you must update this registration information or it will not be able to connect.

Please select the appropriate link for instructions on how to find the MAC for your computer. If you are not sure what OS you are using see this page for help. For other types of systems please contact 5-Help or your department's own technical staff to get assistance with finding its MAC address. If you'd like to register a system that was recently purchased but has not yet arrived, the vendor may be able to supply the MAC address for you.

Once you know the MAC address you can complete the online IP request form:

Other related requests include Computing Relocation (configuring computing equipment that is being moved within the CUMC campus) and Network Port Installation.

You must submit the proper form and the EXACT MAC address without errors! If the MAC is incorrect or you submit the wrong form, you will have to re-register.

Once the form has been submitted you will receive a ticket number, please keep this for your records. Within a few business days of submitting the form you should receive email confirmation that your IP request was processed and your newly registered system will be able to connect shortly afterwards.

Please be sure to read the email confirmation closely, as it will let you know whether the systems should remain dynamic, using DHCP to connect to the network (this is the default setting on most computers), or if it will require manual configuration of a network address. Most systems connecting to the CUMC network should be set for dynamic or DHCP configuration. The network automatically refreshes its list of approved MACs throughout the day, so please realize it may take a few hours after receiving your confirmation email before your system can connect.

Please be sure to review the network FAQs for faculty and staff and students as well.

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Last updated 9/05/2014