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Safe Computing

Smartphone, Tablet and Mobile Device Security

Mobile devices have become one of the most targeted items for theft in recent years. Their popularity and portability have helped keep them highly desirable.

To help prevent theft and unauthorized use of your phone or tablet, be sure that you are following requirements for use of Mobile Devices at CUMC. This includes setting an automatic lock or password, using encryption and keeping your equipment physically secure. Also see the Lost or Stolen Equipment page for specific CUMC procedures.

More recently, mobile device companies and application developers are making it easier to locate missing equipment. Many apps are available to help owners and law enforcement with investigation and recovery. Most offer the ability to remotely wipe data or lock the device to prevent disclosure of personal information. Some apps even enable your phone to snap a picture of the thief and send it to you via email.

Following is a list of popular, highly rated apps that can help in the event of theft or loss. Before installing or enabling any app:
  • Verify that it is compatible with your specific device, review help and how to documentation so you are aware of how the app works, and backup your data.
  • Some apps offer backup services; keep in mind that devices that store or access confidential or sensitive data must not use an unapproved external vendor.
  • Please note that this list is provided as a courtesy only. Anyone requiring further assistance with the installation, use and troubleshooting of software or equipment should refer to the CUMC IT Computer Support page.

Find My iPhone, Find My iPad, and Find My Mac
Find My iPhone is free for use with most iDevices and Macs. To use it you must first enable it on your device by going into Settings (System Properties on a Mac), signing into iCloud (your Apple ID or iTunes account should work), and setting the Find My iPhone/iPad/Mac option to On. If you don't see this option you may need to download and install the free app from iTunes or the App store first.

iPad Settings for Find My iPad

To locate a missing iDevice visit from any web browser and log in with the same account used when the app was enabled. Find My iPhone will attempt to locate it and display on screen messages regarding its status and location. Newer devices may have additional options such remote lock and data wiping to prevent others from using the device or accessing its data. Turning off Find My Phone or wiping data also require the Apple ID and password as a security measure. See for details.

Lookout - Android, iOS (Apple devices) and Kindle
Lookout is a free app that offers security features including locating your device, antivirus protection, a "SCREAM" alarm, and remote locking and data wiping. For full information please see

Where's My Droid App SettingsWhere's My Droid
This app for Android devices is free with basic features, and can be upgraded to additional features at a small cost; a lite (free) version may also be installed remotely if a phone is already missing. All versions use text messaging to enable GPS and notify the sender of its location and/or ring. Additional features include remote locking and wipe.
See for details and download information, or search for Where's My Droid in the Google Play store.

GotYa! for Android
GotYa! can be purchased through the Google Play store and installed on most Android devices. After texting a special command to the device, it uses the front facing camera to snap a silent picture when someone enters an incorrect passcode, or every time the screen comes on. Then the picture, timestamp and location are sent to your email or Facebook account. Other features include text commands to sound an alarm, call back, lock/unlock, and display a message. Visit or search the Google Play store for full information.

BlackBerry Protect
BlackBerry's free application allows you to lock the phone, display a message, and attempt to locate it. Beginning with BlackBerry 10 it comes pre-installed, for versions 7 and earlier it can be downloaded and installed.
See for full details and to download BlackBerry Protect.

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Last updated 4/20/2018