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What Operating System Does My Computer Use?

Most computers used at CUMC use either Windows (owned by Microsoft) or Macintosh (owned by Apple) operating systems. The operating system, also referred to as the "OS", runs basic functions on the computer. As time passes the OS vendor releases new versions so they remain compatible with newer computer models, hardware and software programs.

Windows or Macintosh?
To tell whether your computer is Windows or Macintosh, look for one of these icons:

Windows 7 Start Icon Windows 8 Flag Computers using a Windows operating system have a Windows flag/Start icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Apple IconComputers using a Macintosh operating system have an Apple icon in the upper left corner of the computer screen.

The initial screen you see after turning on and/or logging in to the computer will also tell you if it is Windows or Macintosh:

Windows 7 or Vista desktop with Start icon in lower left
Windows 7 or Vista Desktop
Macintosh desktop with Apple icon in upper left
Macintosh Desktop
Windows 10 desktop with Windows flag in lower left
Windows 10 Desktop
Windows 8 desktop with tiles
Windows 8 Tiled Start Screen
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Each operating system also has a version, indicating how recently it was released. Select the link for the type of computer you're using to see instructions on finding the OS version.

Windows Versions

Macintosh Versions

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Last updated 7/09/2018