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Software Downloads

Columbia University and the Medical Center have purchased a number of site licenses for software programs, allowing them to be used on faculty and staff computers for free. We've consolidated a list of available software with links to their download and installation instructions. Non post-doctoral students should see our list of Computer and Software Discounts for Students for information on free and discounted software.
IMPORTANT: some programs and versions listed below or on the Columbia University Software and Downloads page are not part of the CUMC IT supported Standard Software package, but are listed as a courtesy only.

Please note that:

  • Most programs have versions for both Windows and Macintosh based computers, be sure to read any documentation provided regarding compatibility.
  • If you are prompted to login after selecting a link, use your UNI and password.

Site Licensed Software:

  • Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus - the latest version of the Office suite of products for Windows and Macintosh is available to those with a current CUMC email/Office 365 account. ProPlus is recommended for best compatibility with CUMC email and other Microsoft Cloud programs licensed at CUMC.
    Older versions of Office are still available through Columbia University's site license, see different download links for students vs faculty and staff:
  • Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)
    SEP Version 14 is the latest version for Windows and Macintosh. It provides both antivirus and antispyware functions. Older versions may also be available via the link above.
    NOTE: You must uninstall any other existing antivirus programs on your computer prior to installing Symantec/Norton in order to avoid possible conflicts, please read the installation instructions linked on the web site carefully.
  • PhoneHome
    This security program for Windows and Macintosh computers runs in the background and can track your computer by its attempts to go online if you report it lost or stolen.
    NOTE: Since network connectivity is required for PhoneHome to work, it is not recommended for computers that have pre-boot authentication encryption enabled. Pre-boot authentication blocks the computer from loading the operating system (including networking capabilities) if the appropriate credentials are not given.
  • VPN
    This program can be used to securely connect to network drives and other resources from off site.
  • PuTTY
    A Telnet program pre-configured to allow PC users to connect to your CUNIX account (space on the Columbia servers).
  • WinSCP
    A secure file transfer program for Windows computers.
  • Cyberduck
    A secure file transfer program for Macintosh computers.
  • Winzip Pro
    Software for Windows and Macintosh that can encrypt, compress and decompress files in .zip format.

Bibliographic Software:

Statistical Software: These programs must be purchased but are offered at a discount through Columbia. Please select the appropriate link for further information.

  • SAS or SPSS - CUMC faculty, staff and students who need licenses, renewals and installation files can obtain them through the CUMC IT Service Desk.
  • Mathematica, Matlab and STATA may be available via CUIT (Columbia University IT).

Additional Software

  • Aperio ePathViewer for iPhone or iPad
    View eSlide images on your iPhone or iPad; to download visit, or search the App Store for "Aperio" or "ePathviewer". The download now contains an in-application purchase to access viewing additional eSlides through custom URLs such as the Physicians and Surgeons Histology and Pathology slides.

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Last updated 9/17/2018