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For support: call extension 5-Help (212-305-4357) or email us

Report a Computer Problem

To report a technical problem related to the CUMC Campus:

In order to receive quick resolution, please be ready to provide us with specific information. This can include:
- Any specific error message the computer may be giving you
- The name and possibly version of the program you're using
- The type of computer you're using (e.g. Windows, Macintosh, laptop, desktop) - see the What OS am I using? page for help.
- Good contact information for you or anyone else that may be able to answer our questions about the problem

Please contact us while you are at the computer that is experiencing the problem - we may need to gather extra information from the system or account.

We know that technical problems can be very frustrating and will work to help you as quickly and easily as possible. To help us provide optimal service, please be prepared and willing to answer questions or follow troubleshooting steps. We appreciate your patience!

About technical support on the CUMC campus:

The CUMC IT Service Desk at extension 5-Help provides free initial technical support to CUMC faculty, staff and students. If your issue is not resolved by the Service Desk and has to be handed off to another group, you will be given a ticket number for tracking purposes. You can always call back for updates on the ticket, or check its status online here.

There are many other technical groups on the CUMC campus that provide a variety of support and resources. For more detailed information please see our About CUMC IT page or the full list of Certified IT Groups providing support to various departments.

Some departments at CUMC use their own Certified IT Group. If the CUMC IT Service Desk isn't able to answer your questions or route an issue for you, a supervisor or administrator within the department should have current information on how to obtain assistance from these groups.

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Last updated 8/13/2018