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Student FAQs

Printing on Campus

How can I print at the public computers and campus printers?

Pharos is the name of the printing system that runs the CUMC campus printers. You must have an MC account and Pharos quota to use the print system. Select File - Print from any public computer to send your document to a Pharos print queue:

  • CUMC_B&W - to print at any of the black and white or multi-function laserjet campus printers
  • CUMC_Color - to print to the color laserjet printers
Once you have sent your print job(s), go to your desired Pharos printer to login and select the document to print. Our Pharos Printing web site has full instructions.

If you would like to print to Pharos from your own computer, you can configure it for Pharos by following the instructions linked on the How to Use Pharos web site.

How can I get the free page quota? How do I know if I'm entitled to the free page quota?

CUMC students and faculty are eligible for semseterly quotas, please see Pharos quota information. If you experience problems with your printing quota please contact the CUMC IT Service Desk.

When do I get my page quota? How many pages do I get?

Please see information for printing quotas near the bottom of the main Pharos page.

How can I check my page quota?

When you log in to any Pharos printer terminal or touch panel, your Account Information will appear. Depending on the printer you are using, it may display as pages or a dollar amount remaining. Deductions and print cost vary depending on the type of print quota you have, whether you are printing from the CUMC_B&W or CUMC_Color queue, and the number of physical pages you are printing out.

The Print Center intranet website also displays your available Pharos balance or quota in the lower left corner under a Payment method heading, and an Activity tab in the upper left lists the jobs you've already printed as well as any credits to your account.

What if I need more pages?

Pharos printer pages can be purchased by faculty, staff and students with an active MC Domain account at the cost of $.10 per black and white page or $.50* per page for color printing. Pages are sold in increments of $1.00.

*Those with a student semester quota have unlimited black and white pages and are charged $.10 per page on color printers.

Pages can be purchased at the Service Desk located on the 2nd floor of the Hammer building. Unused purchased pages expire at the end of the calendar year, regardless of when in the year they were purchased.

Why can't I reach the My Print Center website?

My Print Center is an intranet site and will not open or load unless you are directly connected to the secured campus network via Mercury wireless or on-campus wired.

If you reach a login window but cannot login, please make sure you are using your MC account and password, which is the first part of your CUMC email address - typically your UNI - and the same password used for your CUMC email account.

What computers or devices can print to Pharos?

Almost any system that is directly connected to the secured campus network via Mercury wireless or on-campus wired can print to Pharos.
  • Windows, Macintosh, and Linux computers, and any mobile device, can use the My Print Center website to upload a print job.
  • Windows and Macintosh computers can install the Pharos print queue, which allows you to select CUMC B&W or CUMC Color (Pharos queues) as printer options when printing from the computer.
  • The public computing areas can be used to send prints to Pharos as well.

Can I print double-sided?

All of the Pharos printers, except for the color laserjet, print double-sided from Windows by default; Mac systems usually use the previous print job's settings. (If uploading to the Print Center website please see the next FAQ.)

To change either you must bring up the full Print options window (select File - Print from the upper left menu of the program you're using) and adjust the settings as desired. When printing double-sided you should select long edge for portrait oriented pages and short edge for landscape oriented.

Windows: select the Properties button in the Print window. Then select the Layout tab and change options under the Print on Both Sides drop down menu.

Macintosh: select the Layout option in the middle of the Print window (you may need to click the Show Details button in the lower left first), then your desired option from the Two-Sided drop down menu in the lower right.

Macintosh Two-Sided Print Options

How can I change printing options such as double-sided in the Print Center website?

Print jobs uploaded to the Print Center website default to double-sided, but can be changed by selecting the print job in your list, then making changes under the Print options heading. A screenshot and full instructions are on the Using the Print Center page.

How can I save paper when I print?

See tips on the Green Computing page.

Can I use labels, transparencies or other special types of paper in the Pharos printers?

Labels, transparencies and other special types of paper cannot be used in the Pharos printers. The Photocopy Center located on Hammer building 2nd floor can assist you with printing on non-standard paper.

Why did my print job stop without printing all of the pages?

Large files take more time to process through the printing system and may cause a printer to miss part of the job. Common examples are PDFs (Adobe Acrobat), PowerPoint, or files with a lot of images and/or heavy formatting. The actual file size and not just the number of pages should be considered.

To avoid this please break your print job into smaller increments when sending. For recurring problems with a PDF file see Adobe's Print PDF as image instructions.

Windows: after selecting File - Print and the desired Pharos queue, look for the Pages to Print (or Page Range) section and type in a smaller range of pages. Click the Print button to send the job and repeat for the next section of pages you would like to print.

Windows Print Pages option

Macintosh: after selecting File - Print and the desired Pharos queue, change the Pages option to From and type in the desired range of pages. Click the Print button to send the job and repeat for the next section of pages you would like to print.

Macintosh Print Pages option

Why am I getting a "Failed to connect..." or "Failed to contact..." error when trying to print from my computer?

Your computer must be directly connected to the secure campus network to send a print job to Pharos, or you may see one of these errors:

Connection error on a Windows computer Contact error on Macintosh computer

To fix this, before sending a print job to Pharos make sure your computer is connected to Mercury secure wifi or campus wired. It will not work if connected to guest-net wifi, which is not secure, or non-CUMC Internet Service Providers in a student housing locations.
VPN from off campus is not supported for Pharos print jobs.

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Last updated 11/21/2018