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Student FAQs

Wired Residential Network

How can I get an Internet connection from Columbia University Medical Center student housing?

Please follow the instructions found on our Student Residential Network page.

What is Bradford Campus Manager?

Bradford Campus Manager was the network access tool used in student housing until late Fall 2014. It has been discontinued, please see current pages for using the wired or wireless networks.

What can I do before I arrive on campus?

You can use instructions on the wired and wireless pages to pre-register or configure your computer to connect. Note that not all housing locations offer both wired and wireless connectivity.

What kinds of additional devices can I use on the CUMC network?

CUMC cannot allow routers or wireless access points on the network in part due to security issues. VoIP (voice over IP) is also not allowed on the network. Students are allowed to purchase dsl or high speed cable connections in their rooms for personal use, please contact the Student Housing Office and an Internet service provider if you would like to arrange for this.

Free high speed network access is a privilege given to CUMC students for academic use. The network is shared by CUMC offices and New York Presbyterian Hospital. Due to it being shared with NYPH, the network must also adhere to stringent HIPAA regulations. Our highest priority is that the network be kept secure and available for all to use.

How can I get my IP (network) address?

You must follow the steps on the Connect to the Wired CUMC Network page to register your computer for an IP address. Student computers are set for dynamic (changing) IP addresses, which allow for connection at all CUMC campus network locations and continued connectivity if the network's configuration changes. Anyone requiring a static IP address must have specific academic reasons for this, please contact 5-Help with specific information or questions if needed.

Who assigns the IP addresses?

The group that manages the network for the entire CUMC and NYPH campus, CORE Resources, assigns the IP addresses. Please remember that if you have any issues or questions regarding the campus network you must first contact us at extension 5-Help, option 5 or come to the CUMC IT Service Desk.

How long does it take to process my registration and connect?

It can take a few business days to process correctly submitted wired network registration. An email confirming that your registration is complete will be sent to the person who submitted the form, and the computer will automatically receive its "IP" address when plugged into the wired campus network. Most computers are able to connect soon after being approved; be sure to carefully review any information you receive regarding registration and approval to avoid possible issues or delay.

Can I choose an IP Address?

No, you may not choose your own IP address; see the Network Addresses and Naming page for details. Picking an IP Address has the potential to cause more harm than good. CORE considers this to be stealing network resources and will block your computer on the network. A Security Incident Report will be created and your computer will be blocked. A decision will then be made as to whether your connection can be reactivated or if further action will be taken against you, in concert with your academic dean.

You must be sure to follow the instructions to register your computer for use on the CUMC network. Because CUMC shares the network with New York Presbyterian Hospital and must comply with HIPAA regulations, we must have current contact information for all systems that are on the campus network.

Should I configure a manual IP address?

Students must not configure a manual IP address on their computers. A dynamic (not manual) address is generally easier to use and allows for roaming if you have a laptop. Configuring a manual address on your computer without prior approval from the CUMC IT Service Desk and CORE Resources can cause a loss of connectivity on properly registered computers, and result in disciplinary action including the blocking of your system(s).

What is my network card's hardware address (aka Physical, Ethernet or MAC address) and how is it used to register my computer?

An ethernet card hardware or adapter address (also called a MAC address) is a unique, 12-digit, hexadecimal (0-9, A-F) number assigned by the ethernet card's manufacturer. The address or string of characters may be formatted as shown in these examples: 0260.8C3B.7A21 or 02:60:8C:3B:7A:21 or 02-60-8C-3B-7A-21. Because it is unique world wide, it this address is used to identify your computer on the campus network.

All computers, regardless of their operating system, must be registered in order to be given access to the CUMC network. If you need to find the address for your network interface card it can be looked up via the computer's operating system, see instructions on the Wired Network page for help.

What if I replace my computer or its network card?

Please follow instructions on the wired network page to re-register. Your computer is recognized on the campus network by a Hardware Address that is unique to every network card, so replacing this requires that it be registered again.

Who can I talk to if the network connection in my room isn't working?

If you have already registered your computer but can not get a network connection via the data port in your dorm or apartment, please call the CUMC IT Service Desk at extension 5-Help (212-305-4357). It is best if you are at your computer in your room when you call so the technicians can accurately troubleshoot the problem.

Phone and Data Ports

Where can I find the wired jack number in my room?

Some network jacks in residence halls will have labels affixed to them with jack numbers listed, and this information can be used for registering a computer or troubleshooting connectivity issues.  You can typically find the wired jack number written below the jack or data port.

Who can help me set up my computer connection from CUMC student housing?

If you need initial set up and registration for a network connection, please see our Student Residential Network page for easy, detailed instructions.

Technicians can answer any other questions you may have about the connection, please call us at (212) 305-Help, or come by the CUMC IT Service Desk on the 2nd floor of the library.

Who can I speak to if the connection in campus housing is down?

Call the Service Desk at extension 5-Help (212-305-4357).

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Last updated 8/6/2015