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IT Equipment Purchases

Computer and IT Purchases for Faculty and Staff

Information provided here is to assist in purchasing and ensuring that models you would like to use are compatible with Medical Center resources, commonly used programs, and requirements including encryption.

Computer Compatibility and CUMC Requirements
Before making a purchase be sure that you are familiar with IT Procedures and Guidelines. These include but are not limited to:

It is up to the department, division or individual to verify that equipment being used complies with all applicable Medical Center requirements.

Encryption compliance at CUMC requires the following:
  • Windows - must be running Windows 10 Enterprise, Windows 7 with Enterprise or Ultimate Edition, or Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition. The most recent Windows service pack/updates should be installed as well. The computer hardware must include TPM 1.2 or higher.
  • Macintosh - must be running Macintosh OS 10.12 or higher with FileVault 2.
Computers that do not meet the above cannot be used. The computers listed on the CUMC IT Models page meet Windows encryption compliance requirements.

The Columbia University Finance Gateway page has links to discounted pricing available through UwPA approved vendors including Dell and Apple. A UNI login is required to access pricing information.

  • See recommended hardware configurations if you need help determining what to choose for a hard drive, processor speed, memory, and other common components.
  • CUMC IT has a number of pre-tested models that are compatible with Medical Center security requirements and commonly used programs and resources, to order please use the link under "Available Models".

Non-postdoctoral students can use the Computer and Software Discounts for Students page for assistance with their needs.

For more information about ordering and having equipment set up for use with CUMC resources please see our FAQs.

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Last updated 2/27/2019