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Echo 360 Lecture Recordings

Echo 360 is the lecture capture program used in most CTS managed rooms. Instructors can request lecture recordings that will be made available for online viewing via a link in CourseWorks.

A mandatory migration has been scheduled for the week which is spring break for most CUMC schools. During this time all scheduled recordings will still be captured and processed to be viewed after the migration is completed, however there will not be access to manage course content in Echo and existing lecture recordings and event captures will not be available to be viewed. If needed, let others know to download recordings before March 23rd to view offline at their leisure. Students can look under the tool Lecture Recordings in CourseWorks, and those with access to Echo can see instructions below.

Requests and Recordings
Requests for recording a lecture or presentation must be submitted in advance via the online form:

  • Recording requests must be made at least one week in advance.
  • Last minute requests are allowed subject to availability, and must be requested at least one business day in advance. A rush fee of $119 will apply.
  • Requested recordings will automatically be available for you in CourseWorks at the end of the day.
  • Course lecture recordings are archived and removed 3 years after the semester during which they were recorded. Special event recordings are removed one year after the event. To extend beyond these times please contact us at least one month before the scheduled removal. See this FAQ for help on downloading a copy of a recording.
Rooms listed below offer either Appliance Capture (the podium computer screen and video of the instruction area/front of the room) or Classroom Capture (podium computer screen only). Audio for both is recorded via an embedded microphone at the podium; to be sure your presentation audio is clearly recorded please stay near the podium when speaking.

Rooms that are not on the list do not have Echo recording capabilities, please the bottom of this page for information about using Personal Capture to publish via Echo.

Room Recording Capabilities

Appliance Capture - Full Video, Audio and Computer Screen Capture Classroom Capture - Audio and Computer Screen Capture only
Alumni AuditoriumHammer LL1-107
P&S Amphitheater 1Hammer LL1-108A and B
P&S Amphitheater 5/7Hammer LL1-109A and B
P&S 16-405 Duane Todd AmphitheaterHammer LL1-110
Hammer LL1-103 Hammer LL2-202, 207 and 210
Hammer LL2-201Hammer LL2-208A and B
Hammer LL2-203Hammer LL2-209A and B
Hammer LL2-204Hammer 303, 304, 305, 306 and 308
Hammer LL2-205Hammer 310
Hammer 301 Hammer 316
Hammer 312Hammer 322
Hammer 401Hammer 324
Russ Berrie 1 Hammer 404 and 408
Russ Berrie 2Hammer 410 and 412

Rates for Fiscal Year 2014

  • 20 events per year: $2,575
    Retained for one year on CUMC IT servers
  • Single event (limit 4 hours): $129
  • Editing recordings: $111 per hour
  • Technician assistance during start up: $119
  • Last minute rush fee: $119

Should I do anything on the recording day?
You need not do anything. Based on the capture option you choose, the system will record the event automatically from the time you booked for the event through the end. If you require technician assistance during start up, you can request it (additional fees will apply as noted in our rates). Recording is done automatically in four hour blocks. Last minute changes to the recording time are not possible. So, please plan ahead for coffee or lunch breaks and follow the schedule.

When can I see my recording?
Special event and lecture recordings are made available to you via a link to the file on our servers, usually within 24 business hours.

Can I request a recording of a single event?
Yes, you can request to record a single event. However, it will be highly cost-effective if you had a series of events requested. Please see rates to compare the cost of single events and series of events.

Can I edit the content of the recording?
Yes, you can. We provide assistance for editing the content for an hourly fee.

How long are recordings available?
Special events are available for one year; course lecture recordings are available for three years. To extend beyond this time, please contact us at least one month before the end of this time period.

What if I forgot to book a recording?
If you did not book your event one week in advance, for a last minute rush fee per event, we will try our best to get your special event or lecture recorded. We can only do this if your event does not conflict with an already reserved event from another department. Last minute requests must be made at least a business day in advance.

Can I download or save a copy of a recording?
Some recordings can be downloaded. Login to Echo 360 and select the Course Echo you would like to save; if it can be downloaded look for links to the right for Audio/Video Files. Simply click the link and follow your browser's prompts to save to the desired location on your computer.

Download link for Course Echo

Audio files are in mp3 format and can be played back in most media players; Video are m4v and can be viewed in most except Windows Media Player. Note that you only have access to your own Course Echoes.

  • If files are being removed from the Echo 360 system be sure you have removed any external links to the file from areas such as CourseWorks, for help and information on contacting CourseWorks support please see
  • If you will be distributing or posting downloaded Course Echoes/files, be sure you are not violating copyright law.
If you are not able to find the recordings in Echo, or do not have an Echo login, please email and include the course and course number, date(s), and title of the recording.

Personal Capture for Echo 360
Computers that have webcam and microphone hardware installed can set up Personal Capture to record a presentation from the computer and have it published via the Echo 360 system. This must be done in conjunction with Classroom Technology Support, please email to arrange for this.

Once you have confirmation that Personal Capture can be used for your presentation, please click here for instructions on configuring the connection to the CUMC Echo server.