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Using Echo360 Features

This summer we have upgraded to Echo360’s cloud-based Active Learning Platform (ALP), a cloud-based version which offers more features for content editing and student engagement.
  • Migrations were scheduled by each School or Department’s Organizational Sections, with most already completed in August 2018.
  • Training and help is on Echo360’s website at:
    Be sure to select the appropriate role (Instructor vs. Student) to see pertinent information.
Existing Echo360 recordings remain available to view and access during the migration. Please carefully review any information you receive about the upgrade and migration to ensure a smooth transition, or contact with any specific questions.
Faculty, students and instructors can use the following features in CUMC Echo360. They are available by selecting the Lecture Recording tool within CourseWorks.
  • Bookmarks - a way to mark and quickly reach specific sections of a recording
  • Discussions - enter, read and respond to comments or questions related to specific points in a recording.
Bookmark link in Apps list Bookmarks
Each person using Echo360 will only see the Bookmarks they created. To use Bookmarks:
  1. At the desired time during recording playback in Echo360, click the Bookmarks link under the list of Apps in the right. Follow prompts to name the bookmark and save it.
  2. To see your bookmarks for a course, click the Bookmarks icon, circled in the picture below. Note that the date under each is the date you added the bookmark.

    Bookmark icon and list of bookmarks for course

  3. Click on any individual bookmark to open the recording at the bookmarked point.
Discussion link in Apps list Discussions
Those with access to a recording can comment, ask and respond to questions by using Discussions:
  1. To add a message or question during recording playback in Echo, click the Discussions link under the list of Apps in the right.
  2. The EchoCenter page shows a list of Recent Activity, or the most recent discussions for the course.
    • Recent Activity windowTOPIC indicates a new discussion.
    • REPLY TO indicates a response made to a an existing discussion.
    • Click either of these, or the course name below the item, to open the recording at the point that was marked for the discussion.
    • The date and time each item was added or responded to appear directly underneath the item.
    • You can click the refresh icon in the upper right of the window to check for new items, or use the scroll bar to the right to find older items.
  3. To see discussions for a specific Echo, select it and click the Discussions icon to the right.

    Discussions list for a course