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News and Announcements

Email and MC Account Suspension for Incomplete Annual Security and Privacy Training

Those who did not complete required online Security and Privacy Training by the April 30th deadline will now begin losing access to CUMC email and MC domain (computer login and network drive) accounts, as well as other system resources that may already be suspended. Email and MC account suspension due to this will be automatically restored within 8 business hours once all 3 assigned training courses are successfully completed. If you missed the April 30th deadline please complete your training as soon as possible to regain access. Continued non-compliance is subject to additional sanctions.

Training for the current period was made available on December 1st, 2014. All current Faculty, staff and students must complete the training courses ANNUALLY. This is true for anyone who finished training as recently as the end of November. Note that HIPAA regulations require periodic privacy and information security training; CUMC requires such training on a yearly basis.

If you have questions about the requirements, please email For technical assistance contact the Service Desk at extension 5-HELP (212-305-4357), option 5, or email Please be able to provide any specific error message(s) you may receive when using the online training.

Virus/Ransomware Alert - Do Not Open Any .exe Files

CUMC departments have been hit by viruses and ransomware that copy existing files, some with different file extensions/endings (such as .exe). The files may be on computers, network drives, USB keys or any other type of storage or device depending on how employees have connected to and opened or saved files.

Files ending in .exe, which are known as executable files, are more likely to be infected; please do not open any files ending in .exe from any location, whether on your computer, a network drive, or removable media. Infected files that are opened typically search for and create malicious files on various locations. Network drives and systems that are found to be infected are being disconnected or made read-only to prevent further spread, with owning departments being contacted to arrange for remediation.

If computers and systems are not properly re-imaged to ensure COMPLETE removal of any malicious programs and files, re-infection is likely and can prolong access to needed files and resources for others. Please make sure you are fully cooperating with any instructions received by Information Security and your Certified IT Staff.

Wired Network Requests Must Be Placed by Certified IT Groups

Beginning May 18th, requests for new or updated IP (network) addresses for the wired campus network may only be submitted by staff in a CUMC Certified IT Group. This will help ensure that computers and other endpoints are properly inventoried, registered, configured and secured as per University Policy.

If you do not know how to contact your Certified IT Staff please ask your Department Administrator or supervisor. Staff in a Certified IT Group can reach the forms by logging in to ServiceNow and selecting the Service Catalog link in the left; anyone who is not approved will not be able to see the forms.

Echo360 Special Event Recordings Removal in Progress, Course Recording Removals Scheduled

Maintenance in Echo 360 requires "purges" or removal of old recordings. Purged recordings are no longer available to be viewed or accessible in Echo, and must be downloaded before any purge if needed. Currently we are working on the following:

  • Immediate - Special Event recordings captured prior to the current year are being removed
  • June 30th, 2015 - Course recordings captured in 2012 will be removed
If you need to keep a recording please use online instructions to download and save copies on your computer or other desired external storage. Also be sure to update or remove any links within CourseWorks to purged recordings. See this FAQ for general information about availability of recordings.
Please email with any questions.

Reminder to Vacate Student Lockers

Students currently using CUMC lockers must have all items removed by May 31st, the end of the academic year. Due to upcoming improvements in the locker request form and assignment process, we are asking that students remove items as early as possible so we have time to prepare them. Reminders are being emailed to all those who registered via the online locker request form.

The new form and locker registration process will be set up this summer in preparation for the upcoming academic year, updates will be posted soon at Current assignments cannot be held for upcoming semesters. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your help in keeping the lockers clean and available. Please contact us at extension 5-Help (212-305-4357), option 5, or email with any questions.

Archived News and Announcements for 2015

Annual Security and Privacy Training Deadline Has Passed

CubMail Account Space Removal for CUMC Exchange Users

Some Shared Network P: Drives are Read Only

Phishing Email "Alert on CubMail Account"

Echo 360 Lecture System Downtime Through Sunday March 29th

Echo 360 Lecture System Scheduled Downtime March 23rd to 27th

Spam Messages and Attachments

Information Security and HIPAA Privacy Training for 2014 to 2015

Spam Email Titled "Invoice"

Macintosh OS 10.10 Yosemite and Outlook/Office 365 for Mac Released

CROWN Scan Troubleshooting

BlackBerry OS 10 Required

Archived News and Announcements for 2014

Network Addresses Will Default to Local

ServiceNow Classes Offered

iOS 8 and Athens/VPN

Security Upgraded on Network Drives as of Thursday May 22nd

CROWN Scheduled Downtime Saturday October 18th from 8:00pm to 10:00pm

Listserv Upgrade to Version 16 on Completed

Echo Sporadic Downtimes, Removal of Old Recordings

CROWN (ColumbiaDoctors) and iCharge Downtime Saturday August 16th from 8:00pm to 9:00pm

Microsoft Announcement for Windows 7 Support

More Phishing Emails Link to Fake Login Sites

Network and Bradford Registration Downtime Thursday June 5th from 5pm to 7pm

Patch Released for Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Microsoft Ended Support for Windows XP, Office 2003 on April 8th, 2014 - Upgrade to Avoid Risks

More Phishing Emails Link to Fake Login Sites

IDX .Net Errors

Unpatched Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Spam Message for "New Consolidated IT Policies"

MC Domain and Exchange Account Password Requirements

Network Interruptions in Hammer Building from 5pm to 8pm Sunday April 13th - The CUMC IT Service Desk Will Close at 5pm

O and P Network Drive Interruptions and Downtime March 22nd and 23rd

Echo360 Downtime Fri March 21st noon to 12:20pm

iPhone, iPad and Mac Security Update

RASCAL Access Suspension Due to Non-Compliance

Using Outlook Tutorials

Required Online HIPAA Training Deadline

IDX Error Resolution

Some "P" Network Drives Unavailable Friday February 14th 10:00pm Through Saturday February 15th 6:00am

CROWN Use via Citrix Only After February 2nd

CROWN Downtime Friday January 31st at 9pm to Sunday February 2nd at noon; Citrix Update Required

Crown EHR Downtime Saturday January 25th from 9pm to Midnight

Proxy Auto-Configuration Changed On January 13th 2014

Important Columbia Email Changes for CUMC Affiliates

Macintosh OS 10.9 Not Yet Supported

Archived News and Announcements for Fall - Winter 2013

Echo 360 Sporadic Downtimes Through December 31st

Echo 360 Planned Downtime Thursday, December 19th and Friday, December 20th

Software Tracks Missing Equipment

Beware: New computer virus locks your files. Learn how to protect your device.

Network Drive, Echo and Website Downtime Friday November 15th from 2am to 4am

Online HIPAA Training

Customer Data and Source Code Breach at Adobe

Network Drive and Website Downtime Friday October 11th from 2am to 5am

Social Engineering Phone Calls Received by Columbia Staff

CROWN Scheduled Downtime Saturday September 21st from 9pm through Sunday September 22nd 9am

Towers I, II and III and Bard Hall Intermittent Network Downtime Saturday September 21st from 9am to 5pm

Microsoft Critical Updates for September

Welcome New Students

Exchange Email System Upgrade

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