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VPN Requires Multifactor Authentication at CUMC Using Duo

CUMC Information Security has implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) to provide added security when users access certain CUMC applications and services, beginning with the VPN service. As of February 21st, CUMC VPN will require MFA via a Duo Passcode field when logging in. If you have not already please sign up for MFA.

  • Why do we need MFA?
    Phishing attacks targeting passwords are one of the most common attacks we see. MFA can protect you from that by using at least two factors of authentication to verify your identity.
    Login credentials are valuable and are increasingly easy to compromise. MFA provides much stronger assurance that information and access is provided to the intended individual and is protected against access by a malicious actor with compromised credentials. Essentially, we want to prevent anyone but you from accessing your account.
  • What is Duo?
    Duo Security is the company that Columbia University Medical Center is using to implement MFA.
  • What if I already have Duo for Columbia (CU)?
    CUMC Duo is specifically for CUMC-related services and separate from CU Duo. You will need to enroll in CUMC Duo for services that require it.
  • When do I need to use MFA/Duo for CUMC services?
    CUMC Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the first CUMC application that will require MFA using Duo. Additional CUMC applications and services will be announced in the future.
  • What action is required?
    To use CUMC VPN with required MFA please enroll and set up your CUMC Duo account.
    As of Feb. 21, 2018, you must be enrolled in CUMC Duo in order to login to CUMC VPN. To access CUMC VPN after being enrolled in CUMC Duo, you will still enter your UNI and password. However, you will see that you will need to use Duo to complete the second factor of authentication. Learn more about using VPN with Duo at
  • What MFA option is recommended?
    The Duo Push notification on a smartphone or tablet has received the best feedback for being fast and less likely to cause any issues. It also happens to be the most secure. See the Duo Push: The Best Way to Authenticate page (PDF) for more detailed comparisons
  • How can I find out more or get help?
    Visit You can also contact the CUMC IT Service Desk by calling 5-HELP (212-305-4357), option 5.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and participation in improving the security posture of CUMC.

CUMC Email Forwarding

As a reminder, setting automatic forwarding from your CUMC email address to a non-CU/Hospital OCHA account is prohibited by University policy. Email programs and apps may appear to allow this and not show any error message, however incoming emails will not be forwarded and can be permanently lost or dropped while the program/app has automatic forwarding configured.

Account and Password Help

Having problems logging in to email or other programs? See our Account and Password FAQs for immediate help, including password resets and unlocking your account.


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