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Server Support - Services

We have experience in providing a wide variety of Server resources for many different departments at CUMC. For information on plans and pricing to suit your needs, please email questions or details to By outsourcing with us, you will gain:

  • Access to the pooled talent of a wide variety of experienced server technicians and systems administrators
  • Use of high performance servers, kept safe and up to date with timely installation of patches and upgrades by technicians able to focus solely on server system maintenance
  • Well secured equipment, stored in state of the art server rooms with 24 hour temperature monitoring
  • A supply of servers that have been hand-picked by our experts to provide the best in fault-tolerance, scalability and redundancy
  • A professional team already working in conjunction with CUMC's Core Resources and Information Security to stay abreast of campus technical issues and requirements
  • The assurance of well-tested disaster recovery plans, including offsite storage and rapid restoration of data, keeping in compliance with HIPAA and CUMC requirements
  • The strength of IT professionals already experienced in both current medical computing platforms and the requirements of integrating external resources and vendor solutions

Available services include:

  • File and Print - we can provide secure, scalable storage for your data and top notch management of over-the-network print queues. File services include network drive space that is easily accessible from any computer in your department, including telecommuters, traveling laptop users, and other off campus systems. We can provide varying space and access levels to network drives, folders and files for your department based on your requirements, including DatAnywhere for secure file transfer to those outside of CUMC.
  • User account management - server-managed logon IDs for the computers in your department provide much needed system security, with a team of administrators available for logon and password issues. This can also allow your employees to work on different computers in the department, without requiring that a technician manage logon information for each individual system whenever your staff changes.
  • Data Backup and Restoration - frequent server backups that are stored securely off campus meet with best practices for disaster recovery. Options for snapshot restoration of data - allowing users on their own to immediately regain lost, deleted or damaged data - allow for the easiest possible data recovery option.
  • Server Management - we can easily provide configuration, installation and maintenance of servers for your department, scaled to fit your specific technical needs. Our servers are housed in a facilities specially designed to meet the demands of high end computing equipment, including around the clock temperature monitoring to prevent overheating.
  • Consulting Services - let our experts provide you with the latest information on technical and campus resources, with the goal of finding the best IT solution for your department.

The Server Support group also works closely with Application Development to support a variety of specialized and off-the-shelf programs, please click here for more information.

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Last updated 6/03/2016