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PhD Dissertations

Congratulations to Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria, seen at right with PhD Program Director Debra Wolgemuth, PhD, who presented his thesis defense 'A Mother's Sacrifice: The contribution of assymetric cell division to lifespan regulation in S. cervisiae" on October 7, 2015.  


Theses defended starting 2004:  


Mariane Abdillahi
Mechanisms by which aldose reductase mediates cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury
Ravichandran Ramasamy, PhD, sponsor

Ayanna Augustus
The role of LpL in the delivery of fatty acids to the heart
Ira Goldberg, MD, sponsor

Leah Batkiewicz
Functional analysis of cyclin A1 in hematopoiesis
Debra Wolgemuth, PhD, sponsor


Lisa Burnett
The Role of SNORD116 in Prader-Willi Syndrome
Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsor

Evan Berk
Metabolic inflexibility in African American women
F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, MPH, sponsor

Jill Carmody
Effects of maternal insulin resistance on offspring metabolic and hypothalamic phenotypes
Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsor

Alexandre Casta
Role of Hairless in epidermal proliferation
Angela Christiano, PhD, sponsor

Chu Chun Chang

Lipoprotein lipase in the arterial wall: regulation by dietary fatty acids
Richard Deckelbaum, MD, sponsor

Hye Rim Chang

The Regulators of Adipose Tissue Development and Lipolysis
Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr., MD, PhD, sponsor

Chi Nok Chong

The role of hypothalamic insulin and leptin signaling in regulating energy balance and stress
Lori M. Zeltser, PhD, sponsor

Marija Chouinard
Positional cloning of genes modifying susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in obese mice
Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsor

Luisa Cimmino
The role of Blimp-1 in T-lymphocyte homeostasis and function
Kathryn Calame, PhD, sponsor

Donna M. Conlon
Inhibition of VLDL assembly by apolipoprotein B antisense oligonucleotides stimulates autophagy of ER, preventing steatosis
Henry N. Ginsberg, MD, sponsor

Diana D’Ambrosio
Physiology and pathophysiology of retinoid and lipid storage in hepatic stellate cell lipid droplets
William Blaner, PhD, sponsor


Giselle Dominguez Gutierrez
Maintenance of beta cell identity and function
Lori Sussel, PhD, sponsor

Dianne Helerie Dapito
Contributions of activated hepatic stellate cells to hepatocarcinogenesis
Robert Schwabe, PhD, sponsor

Carl De Luca

Hypothalamic leptin signaling and energy homeostasis: A study in transgenic manipulation of murine models of obesity
Streamson Chua, MD, PhD, sponsor

Roxanne Dutia
Hypothalamic melanocortin regulation of energy balance and metabolism
Sharon Wardlaw, PhD, sponsor

Russell Ericksen

The tumor microenvironmental in gastric carcinogenesis: The players and their recruitment, modulators and side effects
Timothy Wang, MD, sponsor

Devangini Gandhi

Roles of retinoid signaling in lower urinary tract
Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD, sponsor

Jeanne Garbarino

The consequences of neutral lipid deficiency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Stephen Sturley, PhD, sponsor


Polina Golovatch
Smoking and high-fat diet: Risk factors regulating emphysema formation
Jeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD, sponsor

Ambar Grijalva
Understanding the function and differentiation of adipose tissue macrophages
Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr., MD, PhD, sponsor

Sonia Gulati
Characterizing energy-dependent transport of sterols across membranes
Stephen Sturley, PhD, sponsor

Solveig Halldorsdottir
Models of nutrient-mediated effects on energy homeostasis in mice and humans
Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsor

Sonia Hernandez

The role of Notch in neuroblastoma angiogenesis
Darrell Yamashiro, PhD, sponsor

Ryo Higuchi-Sanabria
A Mother’s Sacrifice: The contribution of assymteric cell division to lifespan regulation in S. Cervisiae

Liza A. Pon, PhD, sponsor

Yaeko Hiyama

Lipoprotein lipase: Metabolic role in adipose tissue, arteries and muscle
Ira Goldberg, MD, sponsor

Rebecca Juliano

The interplay of free fatty acids and cholesterol through membranes and SREBP: A study of physical and cellular systems
Richard Deckelbaum, MD, sponsor

Chang Sook Kim

Regulation of apolipoprotein B secretion by genetics, dietary n-3 fatty acids and a PPAR-gamma agonist
Li-Shin Huang, PhD, sponsor

Aliki Kosteli

Studies examining the function of adipose tissue macrophages
Anthony W. Ferrante, Jr., MD, PhD, sponsor


Chao-Ling Kuo
Characterization of a murine atherosclerosis modifier locus
Alan Tall, MD, sponsor


Karen Lele
Transcriptional control of the gene for cyclin A1 and kinetic analysis of mutant cyclin A1/CDK complexes associated with infertility
Debra Wolgemuth, PhD, sponsor


Jaclyn Lerea
Early internvention in a mouse model of childhood
Lori Zeltser, PhD, sponsor

Haiyang Li
The roles of protein kinase C beta and the novel gene HINT1 in breast cancer
I. Bernard Weinstein, MD, DSci (Hon), sponsor


Yuxi Lin
Role of lysosomes in non shivering thermogenesis
Anthony Ferrante MD, PhD, sponsor

Ying Liu
Human ARV1: A new modulator of lipid homeostasis
Stephen Sturley, PhD, sponsor


Na Luo
Identification of genetic modifiers of diabetes
Streamson Chua, MD, PhD, sponsor


Moneek Madra
Interactions of early life stressors and Bdnf Val66Met in a novel mouse model of Anorexia Nervosa
Lori Zeltser, PhD, sponsor


Becky Mercer
Regulated expression of the interstitial collagenase matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) in the lung by MAP kinase and Wnt signaling
Jeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD, sponsor


Ami Modi
Functional analysis of BARD1 mitotic phosphorylation
Richard Baer, PhD, sponsor


Sheila O’Byrne
Metabolic and pathological role of retinyl esters: The role of lecithin:retinol acyl transferase (LRAT)
William Blaner, PhD, sponsor


Haruka Okamoto
Genetic studies of insulin resistance
Domenico Accili, MD, sponsor


John Overton
Molecular basis for the functional consequences of the mouse mutation Mahoganoid (Mgrn1)
Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsor


Stephanie Padilla
Growing up POMC: Pro-opionmelanocortin in the developing brain
Lori Zeltser, PhD and Rudolph Leibel, MD, sponsors


James Papizan
Structure/function analysis of the essential islet regulatory factor Nkx2.2
Lori Sussel, PhD, sponsor


Neal Paragas
NTBI pathways in the kidney: NGAL scavenges iron to defend the urinary system from infection*
Jonathan Barasch, PhD, sponsor


Loan Phan
The positional cloning and physiological characterization of the mouse Mahoganoid (Mgm1(md)) mutation
Rudy Leibel, MD, sponsor


Colleen Renee Reczek
The Role of CtIP in BRCA1- mediated Tumor Suppression
Richard Baer; PhD, sponsor


Kelly Ruggles
Cellular Fatty Acid Toxicity: Extrapolating Yeast Screens into Mammalian Models
Stephen Sturley, PhD and Henry N. Ginsberg, MD, sponsors


Elizabeth Ryu
Survival and death mechanisms identified from gene expression analysis of a cellular model of Parkinson’s disease
Lloyd Greene, PhD, sponsor


Sara Seidelmann
Genetic analysis of murine atherosclerosis
Alan Tall, MD, sponsor


Enyuan Shang
Genetic analysis of in vivo function of mouse Brd2 and Brdt, two members of the Brd subfamily of bromodomain-containing genes
Debra Wolgemuth, PhD, sponsor


Jing Shan
Ubiquitination regulates distinct cellular pathways in tumorigenesis
Wei Gu, PhD, sponsor


Caryn Shechtman
Characterization of ARV1-medicated sterol transport in yeast and mammalian systems
Stephen Sturley, PhD, sponsor


Chutima P. Talchai
Keeping the fate: Fox2O, diabetes, and regenerative medicine
Domenico Accili, MD, sponsor


Chad Michael Trent
Fat in hearts: Uptake, storage, and turnover
Ira Goldberg, MD sponsor


Liheng Wang
Understanding the neuro-molecular physiology of human obesity using iPSC-derived hypothalamic neurons
Rudolph L. Leibel, MD, sponsor


Katherine Jean Wert
Long-term gene therapy in a pre-clinical model of retinitis pigmentosa
Stephen Tsang, MD, PhD, sponsor


Jill Johanna Williams
Omega 3 fatty acids are neuroprotective after cerebral hypoxia - ischemia in rodent models
Richard J. Deckelbaum, MD, sponsor


Nuttaporn Wongsririroj
Novel insights into retinoid metabolism and actions: A genetic dissection
William Blaner, PhD, sponsor


Danhua Xiao
Garlic-derived organosulfur compounds and other novel compounds inhibit proliferation of human colon cancer cells by suppressing microtubule dynamics*
I. Bernard Weinstein, MD, DSci (Hon), sponsor

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