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Prospective Students

Student Representatives and Leadership Development




To facilitate feedback between students and the faculty and to provide leadership experience, student representatives relay student comments and concerns to the faculty and the Program Director, and organize the class for group activities and functions. Furthermore, they provide academic and personal support for the M.S. students and plan opportunities for the class to give back to the community. 

Course Representatives

Each course has at least two representatives.  The role of the representatives is to listen to student concerns and suggestions, and to convey them to the course directors.  The representatives also meet with the IHN administration at least twice each semester to discuss issues specific to the course.  The representatives communicate the outcome of the meetings to the class.  The goal of this system is to provide a setting where students are encouraged to provide constructive and respectful feedback to the faculty and administration.

Career Development

StudentsThe Career Development Committee is intended to help students learn about employment options after the MS Degree.  We provide information about possible future careers and/or professional schools to help with the transition after the MS Program.  We also may hold career-skills workshops, such as resume essentials, interview skills, time management tips, etc.  In addition, we meet in the Spring semester with professionals from different venues (academia, industry, MD, MPH, PhD, RD, etc.) to inquire about knowledge, skills and training they recommend students develop.

Community Service Committee

The goal of Community Service Committee is to provide opportunities for small or larger groups of students to engage in community service.  The specific activities will be decided by the interested students but may include health fairs that are conducted in NYC neighborhoods in need.  We are also open to working towards a class-wide activity in the Spring, and suggestions are welcome.  For students who will be around during Thanksgiving and the December holidays, we can connect them to soup kitchens in the NYC area.

CUPID (Columbia University Partnership for International Development)

CUPID is a student-led effort across Columbia University to facilitate multidisciplinary dialogue, awareness, and action on international development.  Our goal as student representatives from the Institute of Human Nutrition is to act as liaison between IHN and CUPID, reporting the interests, concerns and expertise of the IHN student body and faculty to CUPID members, and promoting CUPID events to the IHN, as well as promoting IHN Internationally-related activities to CUPID.

Recruitment Committee

The goal of the committee on recruitment is to reach out to prospective IHN students at the undergraduate institutions or hometown communities of current IHN students.   Recruitment representatives, IHN students, and admissions administrators collaborate on generating ideas and executing them, most of which takes action during the Spring semester.

Social Committee

The role of the Social Committee is to organize formal and informal opportunities to have fun and ‘blow off steam’ that might accumulate during key times in the semester.  We are open to suggestions for venues and activities; the only prerequisites are that they be inclusive and safe.

Wellness Committee

The role of the Wellness Committee is to help students through difficulties that they may be encountering over the course of the program, whether physical, emotional, or academic.  We offer our help and support by recommending appropriate support services, assisting students who are ill and arranging for classmates to provide notes for missed sessions.

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