The Institute Of Human Nutrition

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Faculty and Staff

Administrative Staff

Institute of Human Nutrition Office Mission Statement

The mission of the administrative staff of the Institute of Human Nutrition (IHN) is to facilitate educational programs that are designed to expand clinical, public health and basic science nutrition knowledge. We support our faculty, researchers and students as they foster collaborations, nationally and internationally, among other universities and institutions with shared goals.

As a part of the Columbia University Medical Center, the IHN staff strives to create a supportive learning environment for graduate students.  In pursuit of this goal, we aim to be helpful, resourceful, knowledgeable, welcoming, friendly and efficient in all our interactions.  We work as a team to ensure that the administrative components of the IHN’s academic programs run smoothly.  We also maintain a clean and organized office to assist students, faculty, alumni, prospective students and others from the Columbia University and Washington Heights communities who seek to participate in our activities.

Through these core values and evolving flexibility, we contribute to the growth and development of staff members, students and faculty, and thus support the Institute of Human Nutrition as a whole.


Jood Ani
MS Program Assistant
(212) 305-4808

Sarah Bergren
Education Officer
(212) 305-4808


Leslie De Peña
Coordinator of MS, PhD Programs
(212) 305-4808

Zammy Diaz Lebron
Communications and Development Officer
(212) 305-4808


Mary Pasquince
Administrative Coordinator to the Director
(212) 305-4808

Alexander  Sosa
Coordinator of Academic and Administrative Affairs
(212) 305-8424


Sara C. Sternglass
Senior Director
(212) 305-4808

Shelley Weinstock, PhD, CNS, FACN
Career Services Officer
(212) 305-4808





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630 West 168th Street, PH1512
Columbia University Medical Center
New York, NY 10032
(212) 305-4808