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Faculty & Staff

MS Teaching Faculty

Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, Eng.Sc.D.Rajasekhar Ramakrishnan, Eng.Sc.D.

Director, Biomathematics Division, Department of Pediatrics, Columbia University


B.Tech. - Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
M.S. - Columbia University
Eng.Sc.D. - Columbia University



Readings in Human Nutrition


Research Interests

  • Mathematical modeling of tracer kinetic studies of apolipoprotein metabolism in humans and in mice
  • Regression modeling of clinical data related to dietary interventions, postprandial lipemia, apolipoprotein(a) genetics
  • Statistical aspects of designing human clinical and animal studies to achieve adequate power (

Recent Publications - Pubmed

1.    Ginsberg HN, Ramakrishnan R. Investigations of apoCIII metabolism using stable isotopes: what information can you acquire and how can you interpret your results? J Lipid Res. 52:1071-2, 2011. PMID: 21436397. Link

2.    Ramakrishnan R, Ramakrishnan JD. A state space transformation can yield identifiable models for tracer kinetic studies with enrichment data. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology. 72:2019-46, 2010. PMID: 20195911. Link

3.    Kris-Etherton PM, Karmally W, Ramakrishnan R. Almonds lower LDL cholesterol. J Am Diet Assoc. 109:1521-2, 2009. Link

4.    Reyes-Soffer G, Holleran S, Karmally W, Ngai C, Chen NT, Torres M, Ramakrishnan R, Blaner WS, Berglund L, Ginsberg HN, Tuck C. Measures of postprandial lipoproteins are not associated with coronary artery disease in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. J Lipid Res. 50:1901-9, 2009. Link

5.    Ramakrishnan R, Ramakrishnan JD. Utilizing Mass Measurements in Tracer Studies – A Systematic Approach to Efficient Modeling. Metabolism. 57:1078-87, 2008. Link

6.    Rubin J, Kim HJ, Pearson TA, Holleran S, Berglund L, Ramakrishnan R. The apolipoprotein(a) gene: Linkage disequilibria at three loci differs in African Americans and Caucasians. Atherosclerosis. 201:138-47, 2008. Link

7.    Ramakrishnan R. Alternative equations for whole-body protein synthesis and for fractional synthetic rates of proteins. Metabolism. 56:1550-60, 2007. Link

8.    Berglund L, Lefevre M, Ginsberg HN, Kris-Etherton PM, Elmer PJ, Stewart PW, Ershow A, Pearson TA, Dennis BH, Roheim PS, Ramakrishnan R, Reed R, Stewart K, Phillips KM; DELTA Investigators. Comparison of monounsaturated fat with carbohydrates as a replacement for saturated fat in subjects with a high metabolic risk profile: studies in the fasting and postprandial states. Am J Clin Nutr. 86:1611-20, 2007. Link

9.    Harper JW, Holleran SF, Ramakrishnan R, Bhagat G, Green PH. Anemia in celiac disease is multifactorial in etiology. Am J Hematol. 82:996-1000, 2007. Link

10.    Brar P, Kwon GY, Holleran S, Bai D, Tall AR, Ramakrishnan R, Green PH. Change in lipid profile in celiac disease: beneficial effect of gluten-free diet. Am J Med. 119:786-90, 2006. Link

11.    Sloan RP, Ramakrishnan R. Science, medicine, and intercessory prayer. Perspect Biol Med. 49:504-14, 2006. Link

12.    Ramakrishnan R. Studying apolipoprotein turnover with stable isotope tracers - correct analysis is by modeling enrichments. J Lipid Res. 47:2738-53, 2006. Link

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