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Doctoral Training and Teaching Faculty

Charles S. Zuker, Ph.D.


Professor, Columbia University, Departments of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics & Neuroscience,
Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Phone: 212-305-7819
Fax: 212-342-5747
Location: HHSC 517A


Research Interests

Charles Zuker's laboratory is using a combined molecular, genetic, and physiological approach to study signal processing, information transfer, and coding mechanisms in sensory systems.

Recent Publications - Pubmed

Chen X, Gabitto M, Peng Y, Ryba NJ, Zuker CS (2011). A Gustotopic Map of Taste Qualities in the Mammalian Brain. Science 333: 1262-1266.


Ofstad TA, Zuker CS, Reiser MB (2011). Visual place learning in Drosophila melanogaster. Nature 474: 204-207.

Gallio M, Ofstad TA, Macpherson LJ, Wang JW, Zuker CS (2011). The coding of temperature in the Drosophila brain. Cell 144: 614-624.

Chandrashekar J, Kuhn C, Oka Y, Yarmolinsky DA, Hummler E, Ryba NJ, Zuker CS (2010). The cells and peripheral representation of sodium taste in mice. Nature 464: 297-301.

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