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Postdoctoral Training Program






Nutrition and Population Health

The new Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Training program in Nutrition and Population Health (T-32) funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Disease, evolved from a long-standing collaboration between the Imprints Center for Genetic and Environmental Lifecourse Studies (Department of Epidemiology),  the Institute of Human Nutrition  (IHN), and the Division of Developmental Neuroscience (at the New York State Psychiatric Institute). The goal of the program is to provide postdoctoral training for research scientists (with a doctorate or equivalent degree) in a complementary discipline, either a basic science or in a population health science. The trainees have the opportunity to earn an MS degree in the complementary discipline.  The program combines didactic, mentored, and independent research experiences.

Drs. Debra Wolgemuth (IHN) and Ezra Susser (Epidemiology and NYSPI) are the Principal Investigators and co-Directors, and the steering committee includes Drs. Pam Factor-Litvak and Richard Deckelbaum (co-Principal Investigators) along with Drs. Wendy Chung, Bill Fifer, Mike Myers, and Mary Beth Terry. Thirty two faculty mentors from 19 Departments, Institutes, or Centers are associated with the program. All training faculty members have active research programs.


Applications to the program are reviewd on a rolling basis. Interested persons should submit a letter of interest to Kim Fader (


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