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Ph.D. Dissertations


Advancing nutrition science and education to improve health
  • The role of LpL in the delivery of fatty acids to the heart by Ayanna Augustus; Sponsor: Ira Goldberg, MD
  • Functional analysis of cyclin A1 in hematopoiesis by Leah Batkiewicz; Sponsor: Debra Wolgemuth, PhD
  • Metabolic infl exibility in African American Women by Evan Berk; Sponsor: F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, MPH
  • Positional cloning of genes modifying susceptibility to type 2 diabetes in obese mice by Marija Chouinard; Sponsor: Rudolph Leibel, MD
  • The role of Blimp-1 in T-lymphocyte homeostasis and function by Luisa Cimmino; Sponsor: Kathryn Calame, PhD
  • Hypothalamic leptin signaling and energy homeostasis: A study in transgenic manipulation of murine models of obesity by Carl De Luca; Sponsor: Streamson Chua, MD, PhD
  • The consequences of neutral lipid defi ciency in Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Jeanne Garbarino; Sponsor: Stephen Sturley, PhD
  • Models of nutrient-mediated effects on energy homeostasis in mice and humans by Solveig Halldorsdottir; Sponsor: Rudolph Leibel, MD
  • The interplay of free fatty acids and cholesterol through membranes and SREBP: A study of physical and cellular systems by Rebecca Juliano; Sponsor: Richard Deckelbaum, MD
  • Regulation of apolipoprotein B secretion by genetics, dietary n-3 fatty acids and a PPARgamma agonist by Chang Sook Kim; Sponsor: Li-Shin Huang, PhD
  • Transcriptional control of the gene for cyclin A1 and kinetic analysis of mutant cyclin A1/CDK complexes associated with infertility by Karen Lele; Sponsor: Debra Wolgemuth, PhD
  • The roles of protein kinase C beta and the novel gene HINT1 in breast cancer by Haiyang Li; Sponsor: I.Bernard Weinstein, MD, DSci(Hon)
  • Human ARV1: A new modulator of lipid homeostasis by Ying Liu; Sponsor: Stephen Sturley, PhD
  • Identifi cation of genetic modifi ers of diabetes by Na Luo; Sponsor: Streamson Chua, MD, PhD
  • Regulated expression of the interstitial collagenase matrix metalloproteinase-1 (MMP-1) in the lung by MAP kinase and Wnt signaling by Becky Mercer; Sponsor: Jeanine D’Armiento, MD, PhD
  • Metabolic and pathological role of retinyl esters: The role of lecithin:retinol acyl transferase, (LRAT) by Sheila O’Byrne; Sponsor: William Blaner, PhD
  • Genetic studies of insulin resistance by Haruka Okamoto; Sponsor: Domenico Accili, MD
  • The positional cloning and physiological characterization of the mouse Mahoganoid (Mgm1(md)) mutation by Loan Phan; Sponsor: Alan Tall, MD
  • Survival and death mechanisms identifi ed from gene expression analysis of a cellular model of Parkinson disease by Elizabeth Ryu; Sponsor Lloyd Greene, PhD
  • Genetic analysis of murine atherosclerosis by Sara Seidelmann; Sponsor: Alan Tall, MD
  • Genetic analysis of in vivo function of mouse Brd2 and Brdt, two members of the Brd subfamily of bromodomain-containing genes by Enyuan Shang; Sponsor: Debra Wolgemuth, PhD
  • Novel insights into retinoid metabolism and actions: A genetic dissection by Nuttaporn Wongsririroj; Sponsor: William Blaner, PhD
  • Garlic-derived organosulfur compounds and other novel compounds inhibit proliferation of human colon cancer cells by suppressing microtubule dynamics by Danhua Xiao; Sponsor: I.Bernard Weinstein, MD, DSCi(hon)
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