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Master's Degree in Nutrition Science


Spend fifteen minutes to learn about our one-year master's degree in Nutrition Science.

Click here to view MS Program Director Sharon Akabas, PhD present a fifteen minute video on the master's program in nutrition. You will learn about the curriculum, the accessible faculty, career planning, leadership and professional development and more.

We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2018.  Completed applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Click here to apply:



This twelve-month master of science program prepares students for one of several possible further directions in which advanced training may be pursued. Many MS students go on to train in a laboratory discipline pertinent to nutrition or in a public health field in which knowledge of nutrition figures significantly. The Institute expects to assist students actively in their explorations of avenues of further training. The overall purpose of the instruction program is to prepare individuals for positions in teaching, research, and leadership in nutrition programs both in the United States and abroad. 



Application requirements include:

the competencies required for admission to dental, medical or nursing school.
In general, these competencies can be met with the completion of the coursework included below. If you are pre-med, you should check with your undergraduate institution or undergraduate pre-health advisor to confirm that our prerequisite recommendations are consistent with their pre-med requirements.

1. An undergraduate degree from an accredited institution

2. Official transcripts from all institutions attended

3. Satisfactory completion of one to two semesters of general chemistry, one to two semesters of organic chemistry (or one semester of organic chemistry and one semester of biochemistry), and one to two semesters of biology.

4. Test scores (GRE, MCAT, or DAT) The Graduate Record Examination (GRE), the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), and the Dental Admissions Test (DAT) are all acceptable. The Admissions Committee does not favor one over the others, so it is the applicant’s choice as to which test to submit.

5. Two Letters of recommendation (at least one from an academic setting) The Admissions Committee also accepts committee packets that have already been assembled on an applicant’s behalf.

6. A $95.00 application which must be paid online at the time you submit your application.


IHN Webinar series a big success!

Learn more about the MS program in our fifteen minute webinar. IHN MS program Director Sharon Akabas, PhD presents information about the MS Program and then welcomes questions from attendees about the MS curriculum, thesis research, life in NYC and more. 

Click the link to register, and to see all the other dates available for our Fall 2017 application cycle series:


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Master's Degree in Nutrition Science

The Master of Science Program, administered by the Postgraduate Division of the Faculty of Medicine, is a 12-month program that serves as a foundation for students who plan either to continue toward the Doctor of Philosophy degree or to attend a professional school in the health sciences.
The MS in Nutrition is comprised of thirty-three (33) credits and is completed in one year, including ten weeks of full time work (350 hours or more) in the summer. Click here to view the curriculum graph:

Financial Aid is available to eligible candidates.

All courses are designed to enhance your nutrition knowledge and are applicable to clinical practice. In addition to the core courses, students may choose to focus on and take electives in one of three tracks: basic nutrition science, public health and nutritional epidemiology, or clinical nutrition. Requirements for the M.S. degree: completion of all required courses and electives, as determined by the student's adviser, with a grade average of B– or better; and participation in at least one research project, with written master's thesis summarizing the project results. The thesis must be approved by the sponsor of the project, the faculty adviser, and the director of the M.S. program. Most project requirements are fulfilled during the summer term following the completion of the academic work. Please click on the following link for an overview of possible Career Paths.

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