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About Our Graduate Educational Programs

The IHN offers several graduate educational programs:

  • The Master of Science in Nutrition 
    This 12-month program prepares students for one of several possible further directions in which advanced training may be pursued. Many M.S. students go on to train in a laboratory discipline pertinent to nutrition or in a public health field in which knowledge of nutrition figures significantly. The Institute expects to assist students actively in their explorations of avenues of further training.
  • Medical Nutrition Program for Health Professionals 
    This is a part-time program for health professionals who wish to add a thorough grounding in nutrition to their education.  Classes meet one weekend per month.  After one year students receive a Certification of Professional Achievment and can continue to receive an M.S. in Nutrition.
  • The Ph.D. in Nutrition
    The emphasis of this program is on educating students to become independent scientists through rigorous training in the fundamentals of the field of nutritional and metabolic biology and thorough preparation for bench research leading to a dissertation. Since nutrition is relevant to many areas of basic research as well as clinical medicine and public health, all major strengths of the Columbia University Medical Center, the possibilities for independent research are vast.
  • Combined M.D.-Ph.D. Program
    Independent applications are necessary to the College of Physicians and Surgeons.

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