Policies & Procedures


Position Management Request Form57 KB
Drug Screening Guidelines - October 2013.pdf119.34 KB
Guidelines for Monitoring and Reviewing Officer of Administration and Staff Timesheets -November 2013127.86 KB
Time Records Attestation Form47.52 KB
Background Check Guidelines - March 2016399.69 KB
Visitor Guidelines - CUMC Research/Clinical Visitors - June 2014179.99 KB
Visiting MD Attestation of Medical Fitness62.63 KB
Visitor Guidelines - CU Administrative Visitors - June 2014241.37 KB
Visitor Guidelines - CUMC Administrative Visitors - June 2014245.18 KB
Visiting Non-MD Attestation of Medical Fitness76.7 KB
CUMC Employment Separation Checklist-December 2012180.67 KB
Criteria For Medical Clearance For Respirator Use-March 2012218.58 KB
Joint Commission Guidelines-March 2012v2145.19 KB
Influenza FAQs180.81 KB
Influenza Vaccine Locations18.3 KB
Influenza Vaccine Outside Documentation259.44 KB
WHS Annual Health Review Form (For Joint Commission Faculty and Staff)125.54 KB
Columbia University Health History for Students and Personnel with Animal Contact193.69 KB