Genitourinary Oncology

The Columbia University Genitourinary Oncology Program provides state of the art clinical care to patients with prostate, bladder, kidney, and testicular cancer. A coordinated approach to the care of these patients at all stages of their cancer has brought together a multidisciplinary team of urologic surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, oncology nurses, psychosocial support specialists, and other professionals to create a personalized plan of care for each patient.

Our current research centers on the evaluation of novel drugs aimed at targets for castration resistant bladder cancer. The GU Oncology Program has pioneered studies of taxanes-based therapy for men with this phase of the disease. Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center researchers led the studies that culminated in the approval of docetaxel as a standard treatment for men with advanced prostate cancer. Translational clinical trials are now underway evaluating the combination of docetaxel with other agents such as TAK 700 and abiraterone.

Clinical trials are also open for men with progressive castrate resistant prostate cancer who have had disease progression after initial chemotherapy. These novel treatments include antibodies that target PSMA on tumor blood vessels. Investigators are conducting novel imaging studies to examine the molecular effects of treatment on cancer cells and to identify early prognostic biomarkers, particularly with the newer targeted radiopharmaceuticals.

For patients with bladder cancer, we have pioneering studies designed to improve the treatment of metastatic disease. These include a randomized trial evaluating gemcitabine/cisplatin with or without an antisense molecule targeting heat shock proteins. We also have a protocol evaluating docetaxel with or without either ramucirumab or IMC-18F1, both antibodies that target VEGF receptors.


  • Edward Gelmann, M.D.
    Deputy Director for Clinical Research, Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center


  • Rita Gazvoda, Research Nurse

Research Coordinators

  • Katherine Resto Garces
  • Jalanni Giddings
  • Victoria Vulaj


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