Hematology/Oncology Conferences






Monday, September 15th





Breast Conference

 MHB 5GN-411  8am-9am  Dr. Hershman  Case Presentations

Myeloma/Amyloidosis Conference

HIP Bldg Mezzanine, G-Fl Conf. Rm


Dr. Lentzsch 

Case Presentation and Clinical Trials 

BMT Transplant Working Conference NEW DAY MHB 5GN-411 NEW TIME: 10am-11am Dr. Mapara Case Presentations and Planning 
Core Curriculum MHB 6GN-435 1pm-2pm Dr. Neugut Colorectal Therapeutics
  MHB 6GN-435 2pm-3pm Dr. Frattini ALL
  MHB 6GN-435 3pm-4pm Dr. Frankel/Dr. Lee Biology of Cancer: Chapter 4/Table 4.5, BCR-ABL, PML-RARA, NPM/ALK

Tuesday, September 16th





Solid Tumor Conference

MHB 5GN-411


Dr. Hibshoosh

Case Presentations

Wednesday, September 17th





Hematology Conference MHB 5GN-411 11:30am-12:30pm Dr. Diuguid Case Presentations

 Thursday, September 18th

 Thoracic Oncology Conference MHB 5GN-411  8am-9am  Dr. Stoopler   Case Presentations
Pancreas Tumor Board Conference HIP-13 9am-10:30am Dr. Kluger Case Presentations

Friday, September 19th

Colorectal Tumor Board NEW LOCATION: PH1, Room 303 7am-8am Dr. Neugut Case Presentations
Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds ICRC-Florence Irving Auditorium 8am-9am Dr. Djaballah Oncology Drug Discovery and Target Discovery