Hematology/Oncology Conferences








Monday, February 6th





Multidisciplinary Genitourinary Oncology Conference

HIP 11th Floor

7am - 8am

GU Residents and Faculty 

Case Presentations

Breast Conference

 MHB, 5GN-411


 Dr. Dawn Hershman

 Case Presentations

Myeloma/Amyloidosis Conference

HIP 9th Floor, Rm 959


Dr. Suzanne Lentzsch 

Case Presentations and Clinical Trials

BMT Transplant Working Conference

MHB 5GN-411


Dr. Markus Mapara 

Case Presentations and Planning

Core Curriculum

MHB 6GN-435



Fellows Meeting

Dr. Assal

Fellows Meeting

Complications of Transplant




Dr. Carvajal

 RSC: Melanoma/Targeted Therapy




Dr. Heaney

Biology of Cancer

Tuesday, February 7th

Solid Tumor Conference MHB 5GN-411 8am-9am Dr. Hanina Hibshoosh Case Presentations

Wednesday, February 8th

 Hematology/Oncology Grand Rounds  Heart Center Conference Room 4  8am-9am

John F. DiPersio, MD PhD

Virginia E. and Samuel J. Golman Professor in Medicine

Chief, Division of Oncology

Washington University School of Medicine

Genetic and Epigenetic Modulation of GVHD       
 Brain Mets Tumor Board  Neurological Institute, 9th Floor, Room 9-003   9:30am-10:30am  Dr. Teri Kreisl Case Presentations 
 Myeloma/Amyloidosis Conference (New Day and Time)  HIP 9th Floor, Rm 959  3pm-4pm  Dr. Suzanne Lentzsch  Case Presentations

Thursday, February 9th

 Thoracic Oncology Conference  HIP Conference Room 320  8am-9am Dr. Mark Stoopler Case Presentations
 Pancreas Tumor Board Conference  HIP-13  9am-10:30am Dr. Michael Kluger Case Presentations
 Brain Tumor Board

PH 1st Floor,

Radiology Conference Room 1-303 


Dr. Andrew Lassman

Case Presentations 

Friday, February 10th

 Colorectal Tumor Board    


 Hematology Conference  MHB, 6GN, Room 6-435  8am-9am Dr. David Diuguid  Case Presentations