Financial Salary Support

The annual salary for graduate staff is determined by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. View the NewYork-Presbyterian Graduate Staff Salary Scale (infonet only).


Health, Disability, and Life Insurance

Fellows may choose from a variety of health insurance policies made available from the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital. You are required to contribute towards your coverage, and benefits are available for legal spouse/domestic partner and dependent children under the age of 19. Review NewYork-Presbyterian benefits information (infonet only).

Disability and Life Insurance is provided by NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance

Professional Liability Malpractice Insurance is covered by the Division of Hematology and Medical Oncology. Should any issues arise during your fellowship, contact the Division Chief and the Program Director as soon as possible. Any issues will be dealt with in accordance with the official policies of the Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and of NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.


A written request for all planned absences (vacation in years 1 to 3, leave for meetings, etc.) should be submitted to the Fellowship Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the event. The request should clearly indicate days requested and specify who will be covering for you.

Because the American Board of Internal Medicine requires 24 or 36 months of training for single or double board certification respectively, absences in excess of available vacation time must be made up for ABIM eligibility.

Sick Leave

Fellows are entitled to 10 paid sick days per year. Sick days should be called in to the Fellowship Coordinator at (212) 305-8923. Sick leave in excess of allowance must be made up for ABIM eligibility, and is not covered under provisions of the Fellowship stipend.

Maternity / Parental Leave

Unpaid maternity or parental leave is available but should be scheduled as soon as feasible. Time in excess of available vacation time must be made up for ABIM eligibility.

Professional Leave

Two working days per year may be utilized for conferences, board examinations, courses.

Attendance at National Meetings

The Division supports one meeting per year to American Society of Clinical Oncology, the American Society of Hematology or the American Association for Cancer Research for second and third year (but not for first year) fellows. Meeting choices to the various meetings must be balanced among fellows to maintain clinic coverage.


Fellows will be entitled to 20 days paid vacation per year to be scheduled when on an elective or research rotation. Vacation requests for fellowship year one should be sent to the Program Director by May 1st. While we will attempt to honor specific requests, scheduling of specific dates may not be possible due to clinical coverage requirements. During the research months of the fellowship, reasonable requests for dates will be accommodated.


  • Living Quarters. Rent is not reimbursed. We can supply you with names of real estate agencies that can help you locate an apartment for rent.
  • Meals. These are not reimbursed.
  • Laundry. There is no reimbursement for laundry.