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Message from the Division Chief
Welcome to the Columbia University website for the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. I only recently moved to Columbia after spending 23 years at MSKCC. For the last 7 of these years I directed the Melanoma and Sarcoma program and led many efforts to bring new breakthrough treatments to patients with cancer. Now I am at Columbia University/NewYork-Presbyterian where I am leading the effort to bring the latest advances in cancer therapy to northern Manhattan. The Columbia University Medical Center has an amazing depth of basic science with exceptional clinicians who can successfully translate preclinical discoveries into cancer medicine. My goal is to ensure that patients who come to Columbia receive compassionate, state of the art medical care by the best oncologists in the field.   The Herbert Irving Cancer Center is unique among Cancer Centers’ in NY, if not through the country. First, it is an NCI designated “Comprehensive” Cancer Center. This means that it has been reviewed by a group of peers selected by the National Cancer Institute and it has passed a series of assessments placing it among the best in the country, providing it NCI designation status. In addition, we are called a “Comprehensive” Cancer Center. This attests to the depth and breadth of our cancer program serving a community that extends from Manhattan out to New Jersey and Westchester County. In New York State, the only other cancer centers who have achieved this “Comprehensive” cancer status are MSKCC in New York City and Roswell Park in Buffalo. This places the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center in a very elite group. We now stand on the precipice of amazing opportunities at Columbia. Together, we have the ability to transform the field of cancer therapy. I look forward to leading this effort and to ensure that Columbia maintains its leadership role in cancer therapy. Our goal is to provide a level of compassionate care that is not available anywhere else in the New York tri-state area.