Academic Remedial/Dismissal

  •  Any categorical resident who scores below the 50th percentile on the American Board of Surgery In-Service Exam (ABSITE) and/or does not perform satisfactorily in the departmental quarterly examination will be placed on academic probation.
  • A resident on academic probation is assigned an attending, usually his/her mentor except one of them ask the committee for another attending, to work with the resident to improve his/her performance. The appointed mentor gives reports the progress made by the resident to the committee in its next meeting with the resident.
  • All residents will take the quarterly departmental examination and special emphasis will be placed on his/her score.
  • A resident who is on academic probation will have the letter in his file removed upon good performance in the quarterly   exam as well an ABSITE (score > 50th percentile) taken the following year
  • A resident who performs poorly in the departmental written examination and poorly in two consecutive ABSITES (scores   less than 50th percentile) may be asked to withdraw from the program
  • Other tools are used to evaluate the resident’s performance based on the general competencies and the goals expected at that PGY level.
  • A resident who performs poorly receives a letter from the Program Director and will be required to meet with the Program Di¬rector for a discussion of the evaluation. If an adverse report is received, the resident is given an opportu¬nity to respond to the report in writing to the Director. This response is reviewed by the Advisory Committee which will make a decision on the matter.   
  • If for any reason a resident is deemed not fit to continue in the surgical program, or    needs to be repri¬manded, the resident will be informed in writing and will be given an opportunity to meet with the Advisory Committee. The C.I.R. will be informed of the Department's decision.