Other Rotations

Pediatric Neurology, Developmental Pediatrics and Genetics

This is two month rotation in the second year of training in Harlem Hospital Pediatric Outpatient Department. Second year residents will attend one of these clinics’s for one half day each week. Faculty consists of one Pediatric Neurologist, one Pediatric Developmental Specialist and one Geneticist. Direct supervision is provided.

Pediatric Neurology

The Pediatric Neurology clinic serves a culturally diverse population with a variety of neurological disorders, including seizure disorders, tumors, and other neurological syndromes. Many disorders are complicated by neuropsychiatric problems or include a differential diagnosis of a conversion disorder or psychiatric factors complicating neurological condition.

Developmental Pediatrics and Genetics

The majority of patients in this pediatric subspeciality clinic are in early childhood but the clinic serves children of all ages. Most of the children seen in this clinic have developmental disorders and the majority of these have some degree of mental retardation with or without autistic features. Many of these children have had their development compromised by neurological problem, (i.e. epilepsy, brain tumor) or neuropsychiatric problems (i.e. tic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder). Children here come for genetic consultation and fellows are able to see hands on how the evaluation and treatment proceeds.

Forensic Child Psychiatry

In their second year of training, fellows will have the opportunity to participate in the didactic and practicum experiences at the Manhattan Family Court Mental Health Service. During this Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry rotation, trainees will participate in a series of seminars, lectures, and courtroom observations covering topics such as the interface of family law and psychiatry, the organization and function of the Family Court and related agencies, and the role of mental health professionals in child protection, juvenile delinquency, termination of parental rights, competency, and other proceedings within the Family Court. Trainees will observe an evaluation conducted by an experienced forensic clinician, compose a related “mock” forensic report under supervision, and if possible, observe related testimony. Trainees who are licensed and board-eligible will have the opportunity to conduct such an evaluation, compose a court for submission to the court, and if needed, testify, all under direct supervision of an experienced forensic clinician.

CARING at Columbia

The CARING rotation is an innovative rotation in which fellows have the opportunity to participate in art therapy, play therapy, and group therapy exercises with parents and young children at the Bloomingdale Head Start Program, where the national Head Start program was born. Fellows work closely with an experienced, Columbia-based, Creative Arts Therapist and a committed and talented Head Start team to provide therapy and support to parent and young child pairs, alone and in family groups. Fellows will attend the CARING program for one two-hour session per week for twelve weeks during the first or second semester of their first year in the fellowship.

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