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The Office of Faculty Affairs is the administrative arm of Academic Affairs. It handles all process-oriented issues for the faculty, researchers, post-docs, and student officers. It's responsible for ensuring compliance with University Statutes and with state and federal law.

This website provides links, forms, and letters to aid Department Administrators in various faculty processes.

Recruitment & Appointments

Recruitment of academic personnel is now handled through RAPS. See below and in the right-hand side menu for RAPS forms and guidelines:


View the CUMC Affirmative Action Policy

Please also see the Sample Offer Letters in the left hand menu.

Click here to view information on Joint and Interdisciplinary Appointments.

Reciprocal Appointments with Weill-Cornell Medical Center:

The Columbia University Medical Center supports the collaboration between departments at Columbia and those at Weill-Cornell.  In order that faculty may care for patients, provide instruction or collaborate on research activities at the other institution, the faculty member must receive a 'reciprocal' appointment. 

Procedure for securing this appointment
Reciprocal Request and Release Form

Short-term Visitors in Research-Related Activities

Guidelines for Short-term Visitors in Research-Related Activities
These guidelines are provided on behalf of Naomi Scharg, Associate Vice President for Research and Compliance and Training.

Tenure & Promotion

Please visit the "Forms" page in the left hand menu to view the COAP checklists and Sample Offer Letter

Leaves of Absences

Leave of Absence Types


Phased Retirement Agreement - Template

Please note: The following steps must be taken for a phased retirement agreement.

  1. The department and faculty member must agree on the terms of the agreement and submit them in draft form using the template on this website for review to the Provost's Office.
  2. Upon approval, the Provost's Office will create the final document and return it to the department for the faculty member to sign.
  3. The copies signed by the faculty member will be returned to the Provost's Office for signature by the Provost.
  4. The Provost's Office will then return the signed documents to the Office of Faculty Affairs and the department.

For instructions for departments on this subject, please visit the Department page. 


Please see the Guide to Faculty Termination to the right and view the procedure guidelines and sample letters of non-renewal.

Salary Guidelines 2013-2014

Officers of Research
Salary guidelines for Officer of Research (OOR) appointments for fiscal year 2014 are available by clicking here. The CUMC OOR salaries are to be used as a guide in setting salaries.  The tables, which include salaries for both Morningside and CUMC, show salary differences by rank for the two campuses.  The University is committed to reconciling these differences over a 3 year period so that that there is uniform salary support for OOR appointments on both campuses. 

Tenure Salary Policy
For the Tenure Salary Policy, please click here.

Other resources: 


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