Annual Announcement to Faculty and Researchers

To All P&S Faculty and Researchers:

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to compliance with University policies on conflict of interest.

For 2014, please be aware of a change in the P&S COI Policy on Education and Clinical Care (change is underlined): “Non-CME Presentations, Publications, Materials and Communications: All materials and presentations, both formal and informal, (e.g. roundtable discussions), and materials must be educational and not for marketing or promotion, whether or not Columbia University is directly involved (e.g. as site or sponsor).

In the Annual disclosure form, please note that Faculty and Researchers must disclose all outside financial interests related to any clinical or educational activities in the Clinical Care and Education (C/E) section of the form, even if disclosed in response to questions in any other section of the form (e.g. under Research) (see General FAQ #13 and Content FAQ #1). You may be asked to re-file your annual disclosure form to comply with this requirement.

The revised 2014 policy and FAQs are effective January 1, 2014 and are available at:

Please file your 2014 P&S COI disclosure via Rascal:

Failure to comply with mandatory policies will prompt a formal review by CUMC’s COI Committee on Education and Clinical Care and recommendation to the Dean, and may lead to sanctions up to and including non-renewal.

Public Accessibility of COI Information

A. P&S: As of 2012, some information disclosed on faculty’s most recent annual COI form regarding education and clinical care is available on   a publicly accessible CUMC website (

B. Physician Payment Sunshine Act (“Sunshine Act”): By law, starting in 2014 a federal website will display information about payments from manufacturers to individual doctors. Payments will be listed by the physician’s name.

Payments must be reported by industry to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Information posted will include detailed information about payments and other “transfers of value” worth over $10 from manufacturers to physicians at teaching hospitals. Posted information will include 3rd party payments (e.g. travel agency or contract research organization).

P&S Physicians will need to register with the site to preview their information and, if needed, work with manufacturers to correct payment information. Registration requires your NPI number. Details about the process for reviewing data are not yet available. (See our “Federal Sunshine Act” page for more information.)

More detailed information about the Sunshine Act is available from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Services: Additional information is also available on the Academic Affairs website, under Federal Sunshine Act:

Thank you,

Anne L. Taylor, M.D.
John Lindenbaum Professor of Medicine/Cardiology at CUMC
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

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