Promotion for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty

The Unmodified Tenure Track/ Tenured appointment requires a program of research that is nationally/internationally recognized to be amongst the best in the country as evidenced by publications in journals of highest impact, by continuous and incremental peer-reviewed competitive research funding, and by national/international acknowledgements of being amongst the leaders in the discipline.  To view policies regarding tenure and promotion, please see the Columbia University Faculty Handbook.

At the four health science schools there are two tenure clocks: the 8 year clock for those without clinical responsibilities and the 11 year clock for those who spend at least 20% of their time in clinical work.

8 year clock

Basic Scientists, non-clinical MD faculty
Tenure process should start mid-year of the 6th year.  Tenure review completed by May 31st of the 7th year.

11 year clock

Clinician Scientists doing at least 20% clinical work
Tenure process should start mid-year of 9th year.  Tenure review completed by May 31st of the 10th year.

Promotion Process for Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty

Note: CUMC COAP - Columbia University Medical Center Committee on Appointments and Promotion
TRAC - Tenure Review Advisory Committee (University-wide review)

Criteria for Tenure/Tenure Track 

For information on the criteria needed for advancement in the tenure or tenure track unmodified title, click below. 

Useful resources:

Promotion Process for Tenure Track Faculty

- Criteria for Tenure or Tenure Track (unmodified title)

Principles and Customs Governing the Procedures of Ad Hoc Committees and University-Wide Tenure Review

- Columbia University Faculty Handbook


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