Parking Procedures

Once an applicant is approved for parking, the following procedures apply:


  1. Parking is limited to the parker and vehicle of record only. No subleasing or sharing of parking space is permitted. Parkers are issued a parking sticker or access card. Stickers are to be placed on the back of the rear view mirror.
  2. Parkers who terminate their affiliation with the University are not eligible for parking and must relinquish their space no later than the end of the month in which they cease to be affiliated with the University.
  3. Parkers who use more than one car must state so on their initial application. Only one car will be allowed in the lots on any given day. Parkers are required to present proof of a valid, current vehicle registration issued to the employee, his/her spouse, or his/her same sex domestic partner as recognized by Human Resources. All information provided for this purpose will be maintained confidentially by CUMC Parking solely for confirming compliance with the CUMC Parking Policy.
  4. Parkers who change cars or add new cars must register them with the Parking Office located at 650 West 168th Street, Basement Level B-17 (or by emailing and receive a new sticker for the vehicle. Non registered vehicles are subject to be booted.
  5. Changes in address and other updates of information should be made to the Parking Office located at 650 West 168th Street, Basement Level B-17 or email Parking assignments are subject to reevaluation when there is a change of address.
  6. Other than for reason of sabbatical or long-term illness, faculty and staff may not suspend or place their parking on hold.
  7. Parkers approved for part-time parking can only park on the days indicated on their application. To change the days, parkers must submit their request in writing to the Parking Office for approval.
  8. Central Parking Corporation provides insurance for individual car owners if the car is damaged or theft occurs while the car is parked in the lots. Central Parking Corp does not assume responsibility for removable radios and other equipment and personal items left in cars. Keys must be left with the parking attendant if Central is to assume responsibility for the car. Self-park cars are not the responsibility of Central Parking or the University. All damage claims must be reported to the attendant or manager on duty before the car leaves the lot.
  9. The University reserves the right to refuse admittance to the parking lot or "boot" any car, which is not the car of record or is a parker's second car if his/her primary car of record is also parked in the lot. There is a $200 cash fee to remove the boot.
  10. The University reserves the right to refuse admittance to the lots to anyone who does not possess a parking permit on the reverse side of their rear view mirror or possess a valid access card.
  11. Parkers who wish to cancel their parking account must do so in writing. Cancellations will be processed upon receipt of the letter and parking sticker or access card. Parkers are liable for parking charges until the Parking Office receives written notification.
  12. Due to ongoing construction and the limited supply of on-site parking at the Medical Center, voucher and guest parking issuance at CUMC-managed parking facilities has been temporarily suspended. CUMC Parking is currently exploring alternative solutions for voucher and guest parking. In the interim, alternative guest parking options are, however, available. For guest parking alternatives, including a list of privately-owned commercial lots, visit the Parking Alternatives webpage. 
  13. Due to the severe space restrictions, parkers who falsify their applications, allow others to use their sticker/access card, park more that one vehicle in the lot at a time, or use their space for long term vehicle storage, will lose their parking privileges.


Need Help? Contact CUMC Parking

212-305-Help (4357), select 'Option 7'
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


For billing or account inquiries, email (in the subject line note: Billing or Account Inquiry).

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