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Haven Avenue Parking Garage Repair
Friday, June 3, 2011

In an effort to maintain a state of good repair of its infrastructure and resources, Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has identified the need to address the notable deterioration in the existing parking garage at 100 Haven Avenue, Towers 2 and 3. Signs of cracking, spalling, delamination, scaling of concrete, ponding of water, and leakage of salt water through concrete cracks and joints are evident in numerous areas. CUMC seeks to remedy these conditions in a comprehensive and an expeditious renovation plan. 

To address safety concerns and to maintain continuous operations, a four-phase scheme, as a base plan, has been developed to repair the deteriorated and damaged conditions in the parking garage. Additionally, existing lighting is deteriorated and in disrepair, and will be upgraded to improve energy efficiency and address overall safety concerns. This project of approximately 98,000 square feet is consisted of four levels of underground parking garage and a plaza. The parking garage is of reinforced concrete construction. All levels of the parking garage will be included in the project

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