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FAQ About Faculty Housing

Who is eligible for faculty housing?

Eligibility requires a full-time appointment in the tenure track “at the track” or the suffixed track. Prefix track clinical faculty are not eligible for housing. The eligible categories include Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor. Recruits from outside of the New York area have priority for faculty housing.

Who is eligible for the Housing Supplement?

Those who are eligible for faculty housing are eligible for the Housing Supplement if they do not wish Columbia housing or there is a lack of availability of Columbia housing. Eligible faculty who are currently in Columbia housing and wish to move out, are eligible, depending on the size of their current apartment. Those faculty considered to be retention issues are also eligible upon approval by the Executive Vice President.

Can a Faculty member receive both faculty housing and the Housing Supplement?

With the approval of the Department Chair and the Dean’s Office, eligible faculty members may choose either to apply for Columbia University housing or to apply for the Housing Supplement. They cannot receive both. If a faculty member refuses appropriate Columbia University housing, then he/she will not be eligible for the Housing Supplement.

How should commitments about housing be stated in recruitment or offer letters?

No guarantee of Columbia housing or of the Housing Supplement should be made to any recruit either verbally or in an offer letter. Columbia housing is offered on an "as available basis", and the Housing Supplement is offered upon prior approval by the Department Chair and the Dean’s Office.

What approvals are required to nominate a faculty member for eligibility for housing or for the supplement?

All forms, either for housing or for the supplement can be obtained from the Director of Faculty Housing. For faculty housing, the completed form must be accompanied by a supporting letter from the Department Chair. Included in this letter must be the person’s exact Columbia University title and a statement that the Department will pay for any ancillary charges that are associated with this person receiving Columbia University housing.


The Housing Supplement form must be signed by the Department Chair, and be accompanied by a copy of a fully executed purchase contract or lease. The Housing Supplement can only be used to purchase or rent a primary residence on the private market.


After the Department signs the forms or writes a supporting letter, then the office of the Executive Vice President must give final approval, both for Columbia University housing or for the Housing Supplement. No forms are to be sent to the Provost’s office or to the Morningside Facilities Housing Office. All completed forms are to be sent to the Director of Faculty Housing, who will then get the final approvals by the office of the Executive Vice President.

How much will the faculty member receive for the Housing Supplement?

Once approved, the faculty member will receive monthly payments of $22,000 per year for non-tenured faculty, and $40,000 per year for tenured faculty. Payments are subject to withholding taxes, but not pension or fringe benefits. Upon prior departmental approval, an initial one-time payment of $40,000 can also be awarded, in addition to any monies that may be received for the Housing Supplement. A couple, consisting of two equal rank Columbia faculty members, may request that only one gets the Housing Supplement or they may divide it in half, subject to the approval of both Departments. If a faculty member receives tenure during the duration of the Housing Supplement, then the amount will immediately increase to $40,000 per year. As with Columbia housing charges, the Housing Supplement will be charged to the faculty member’s Department.


If a faculty member vacates Columbia housing and the charges have been previously paid by the Central Administration, then the Department will not be charged for the Housing Supplement that this faculty member receives.


The length of payments is currently five (5) years. If the program is extended, the Chair of the Department, may, at his/her discretion also extend the payments. If a faculty member leaves Columbia University, all payments will immediately cease.

Instead of Faculty Housing or the Housing Supplement, can I give my new recruit additional compensation to be used for outside housing?

Yes, you may add additional compensation to his salary for any length of time that you wish, but you cannot call it a Housing Supplement. The new faculty member may use it in any manner that he/she feels fit. As additional compensation, it will be subject to both fringe and pension.


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