Bard hall

Bard Hall/50 Haven Ave.
New York, NY 10032
Phone: (212) 304-7000
In order to minimize health risks, improve the quality of air, and enhance the environment in all facilities, CUMC Housing has adopted a smoke-free policy. Smoking is prohibited in any building owned and occupied, or leased and occupied. It is now against the law to smoke in any New York State Public or Private university or college dormitory.
In congruence with the CUMC Smoke-Free Policy, all university-owned residential buildings are smoke-free. Smoking is prohibited inside individual apartments, bedrooms, single-family homes or apartments, group houses, restrooms, community rooms, lounges, common areas, balconies, porches, external stairways, and indoor and outdoor cafés. Smoking outside is permitted only in designated areas. Smoking is prohibited in the courtyard and between residential buildings at CUMC.

Bard Hall is an 11-story building that contains dormitory-style rooms (with community bathrooms), student lounges, and athletic facilities, and boasts a terrace overlooking the Hudson River and George Washington Bridge.

  • James Gamble Rogers designed Bard Hall in 1930. Rogers — also known for his work on the Harkness Tower and a quadrangle at Yale — designed Bard Hall in the art- deco style of the original Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.
  • Faculty-in-Residence and Graduate Resident Advisors also live in Bard Hall.

Room Details

  • typical room size: 10' by 12'
  • furnishings; extra long twin bed, desk with overhead hutch,  desk chair and dresser drawer 
  • most rooms contain a pedestal sink, medicine cabinet, towel bar
  • lighting: overhead lighting provided; students provide additional lighting; windows have shades

Building Details

  • The fourth and ninth floors of Bard Hall are designated women-only floors, and the seventh floor is only for men. All other floors and facilities are for both men and women.
  • bathroom facilities: community toilets and showers located on each floor
  • kitchen facilities: one community kitchen equipped with stoves, refrigerators, and sinks
  • elevator service
  • laundry facilities
  • 24-hour security
  • The building is not equipped with air conditioning. The University will install your own air conditioner if it meets University Residence Hall specifications. The air conditioner must be no more than 5,000 BTU.  There is an installation and removal fee. We will inform you of these specifications in a subsequent mailing.

To participate in any housing process you must be a full time matriculated student at the Medical Center, you must have maintained all terms and conditions of your contract and must be in good financial standing with the University.

Throughout your stay in CUMC campus housing, you must maintain full time matriculated student status. You will be asked to leave University housing if your status drops to part-time. October and February graduates have until the end of the month in which they graduate to move out of University housing. May grads must move out by the last day of their contract/lease. May grads who reside in University housing and will continue after graduation as post-doctoral research fellows, residents at Presbyterian Hospital or Pediatric Dentistry residents at the Medical Center may apply to continue in University housing. Upon approval, post grads are required to vacate their student-designated apartment and are assigned a studio apartment in Tower III or 154 Haven for a maximum of one year.




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