Director of Compliance
Yvonne Wojcicki, MS MT (ASCP)

Yvonne Wojcicki is the Director of Compliance for Facilities Management at Columbia University Medical Center. Ms. Wojcicki joined Columbia University in October 2009. As Director of Compliance Yvonne leads the development and implementation of the facilities department’s compliance program including the surveillance and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations including but not limited to: OSHA, EPA, NYS DEC, NYC DEP, FDNY, ADA. In addition, she is responsible for educating internal and external stakeholders on facilities regulatory/compliance matters.  

Ms. Wojcicki is a seasoned healthcare professional with expertise in safety and emergency preparedness, environmental compliance, education and clinical laboratory science. She is a certified Six Sigma “Green Belt” with an extensive professional background. She received her MS in Community Health from Long Island University, and her BS in Medical Technology from St. John’s University.   

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Columbia University Medical Center
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(Yvonne Wojcicki)
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