Energy Initiatives

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Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) has put energy efficiency as a priority. Energy efficiency starts at the source – with the plants we use to heat and cool our buildings – and with our operation of the buildings.


To move forward with the priority of energy efficiency, CUMC underwent an energy audit and retro commissioning across the entire campus – both research and residential buildings. This energy audit and retro commissioning was then turned into an energy master plan for the campus. This master plan will be the living document CUMC uses to guide their energy efforts moving forward.


To learn more about the energy master plan, click here.


To learn more about both current and completed initiatives, click on the links where provided.


As always, to ask questions on any initiatives, or become a Green Champion, please email


Current Initiatives

  • Perform campus retro commissioning to bring building systems back to the intended operating condition for more reliable operations and energy savings.
  • Install a new Building Management System (BMS) within the Hammer Health Sciences Building for enhanced energy efficient control of mechanical systems.
  • Develop a Critical Asset Life Cycle Analysis for critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing equipment in order to prioritize replacement and upgrade plans.
  • Chilled Water Pumping Upgrades: Maximize the capability of chilled water plants by evaluating and correcting pumping issues as well as the supply and return water temperatures.
  • Increase the amount of re-usable water in the cooling tower system to reduce additional city water needed for operation.
  • Install over 4,000 occupancy sensors in offices, meeting rooms and classrooms
  • Analyze and verify schedules and correct operation of existing Building Management Systems.
  • Convert inefficient existing hot water heaters to instantaneous hot water heaters.
  • Work continuously to improve recycling performance of non-durable goods, as well as the reuse and upcycling of durable goods.
  • Build green building plans for tenants interested in improving the sustainable of their offices and spaces.
  • Seek students, faculty and staff who want to become a green champion for their department or building.

Under the energy master plan, CUMC is initiating many energy efficiency projects.  Check back with us over the year as we finish our projects and poste them on this website.  See our current completed projects below.


Along with the planned energy efficiency projects, CUMC works towards LEED-Silver for all new buildings and major renovations on campus. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the nationally accepted benchmark for design, construction, and operation of high-performance green buildings.


For more information on new construction and renovation efforts at CUMC, visit the Capital Project Management page.


Completed Initiatives

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