Emergency Management Plan

The Columbia University Medical Center (CUMC) Emergency Management Plan is a broad Plan that addresses the coordinated response to extraordinary events such as man-made and natural emergencies including fire, hazardous spills, loss of water, steam, electricity, elevator service, explosions as well as noxious fumes, gas leaks and civil disorder. When necessary, the Emergency Management Plan can also be activated to deal with local, regional or national disasters/crises, criminal activity or death of students, faculty or staff.

The Emergency Management Plan may be utilized when any significant event disrupts normal day-to-day operations, including University research activities and employee safety. The objective of the Plan is to utilize University resources in an effective manner should interruption of an essential service occur.

The purpose of the Plan is to set the parameters for the implementation of the Plan, designate staff responsible for operational centers, and outline the duties and responsibilities of each operational center and department.

The Plan is composed of two parts:

  1. Response Phase, which anticipates immediate response needed to deal with the emergency;
  2. Recovery Phase, which sets forth procedures to assist in the resumption of University operations.


The Policies and Procedures included in the Emergency Management Plan apply to all residential, academic and research facilities on the CUMC campus in Washington Heights.

The Plan conforms to state and federal regulations and is reviewed and updated as situations, threats, and resources change.

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