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Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - Monday, December 1, 2014

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Retirement Planning Workshop for Support Staff Employees Ages 40+ - (12:00pm - 2:00pm)-Studebaker - Conference Room 469
Columbia University, Studebaker Building, 622 West 132nd Street, Room 469

This workshop is designed to help Support Staff employees who are ages 21-39 make decisions about their personal financial goals and retirement planning.


Priority, Time & Stress Management
Hammer Health Science Building - 701 West 168th Street - Room LL-107

This course will offer strategies and tools to staff better manage priorities, time and stress. Self-management in these areas will improve the delivery of patient-centered care.


Irving Institute Workshop: Research Misconduct - Policy, Prevention and Case Studies
Pathology Library (PH 15W-1560) 622 West 168 Street, Floor 15, Room 1560, NYC 10032

2014-15 Irving Institute Workshop Series "Research Misconduct: Policy, Prevention, and Case Studies" Naomi Schrag, JD, Research Integrity Officer, Associate Vice President for Research Compliance and Training, Columbia University In this session, Naomi Schrag will discuss how the University handles matters involving falsification, fabrication or plagiarism in research. The session will include an overview of policy, discussion of case studies, and the introduction of a new program aimed at strengthening research and data integrity.


Earth Institute Practicum; Agriculture and Food Security Center
Columbia University Morningside Campus Union Theological Seminary, Room 207

Speaker: Pedro Sanchez, Director, Agriculture and Food Security Center, Earth Institute, Columbia University

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Ten Steps to Success: Managing Your Data and Your Dissertation
Studio@Butler - 208 Butler Library, Columbia University

In this workshop hosted by the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, we’ll discuss steps you can take to be a more effective and efficient researcher or scholar. Learn tips and tricks to help you be a better steward of your data, your dissertation, and your future projects. No matter what your discipline or format is, careful data management will hep ensure your project’s success and you data’s value for future work. We will begin by discussing ways to keep your information and data safe, findable, and usable from your project’s inception, through its publication, and to its next instantiation. As you work on your dissertation, you have a range of choices to make in an increasingly complex scholarly communications environment. To help you sort through your options, we’ll review important fundamentals of copyright, publication agreements, open access, and Columbia’s dissertation submission process.

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