CUMC Special Events Digital Signage Policy

The CUMC Events digital signage in the lobbies of P&S, Black Building, Georgian, Russ Berrie, Irving Cancer Research Center, Lasker Building and the Hammer Health Sciences Center provides an opportunity for publicizing Medical Center events in a highly visible and engaging manner. Please note: posters on easels are no longer permitted in any of the aforementioned lobbies; however, event posters containing program, schedule, and instructions for participants will be permitted on the day of the event only. They must be removed immediately following the event.

Announcements Suitable for Posting

Suitable events include all those that are either sponsored or co-sponsored by a CUMC, or CU department, center or office.
Events that are not suitable for posting on the screens include:

  • Lectures, seminars, or symposia that are invitation only
  • Courses
  • Guest appearances by faculty, staff, or students at other institutions outside Columbia
  • Administrative or other meeting among a group of faculty, staff, or students that are closed to others

Non-event postings/ announcements will be considered if there is room on the rotation schedule. Examples of permitted signage are grant related announcements, special course announcements, and campus or public safety information.

Request Form and Fee

Please complete the request form [Digital Posting Request Form_Updated.pdf] and return it to cumc_posting@columbia.edu. There is a $75 fee for all postings. This fee covers the overall maintenance and management of the digital signage system. Given demand, accepted postings will go up approximately 7 days before the event and will be on the screen for 10 seconds with an average viewing rotation of twice every two minutes.

Please note, our form has been updated and now requires ARC approver information.


The information below provides technical requirements for the creation of files that will be accepted for posting. JPEG and PowerPoint files that do not meet the required specifications will not be accepted.

JPEG Specs

Size: 1366 (pixels high) x 768 (pixels wide)
Resolution: 72 dpi (Embedded images should also be 72 dpi resolutions - note: stretching or enlarging images will result in a loss of dpi.)
Orientation: Portrait only
Color: RGB

PowerPoint Specs

There are several PowerPoint digital signage templates available. These files have been formatted to the exact size and orientation required.


Below are pre-designed templates that may be useful for creating your posting.


Design Guidance

  • Font size: Headline - 44 point or larger; Body - 30 point or larger
  • Graphics: Avoid thin or diagonal lines which will appear pixilated
  • Content: Clear, simple designs and text; do not use large/dense blocks of text


File Submission

Submit all files and request forms to cumc_posting@columbia.edu. Please allow two - three business days for confirmation that your announcement has been approved.

  • Announcements without a completed form will not be accepted
  • Please note that CUMC Events reserves the right to make decisions about what is and isn't appropriate for posting and when a posting will appear in the announcement rotation.
  • These protocols are for faculty and staff announcements. Students or student groups interested in posting an announcement should contact Edward Basch at erb2128@mail.cumc.columbia.edu.
  • Each announcement will appear on the screen for 10 seconds. CUMC Events reserves the right to adjust the appearance of time based on the number of announcements in the rotation.
  • Announcements will be displayed on all screens. Individual screens cannot be selected or excluded.

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