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Friday, October 31, 2014 - Thursday, November 6, 2014

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Financial and Retirement Planning Workshop for Officers Ages 21-39 (Studebaker Location)
Columbia University, Studebaker Building, 622 West 132nd Street, Room 469

This workshop is designed to help Officers who are ages 21-39 make decisions about their personal financial goals and retirement planning.


Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Friday Seminar Series
HHSC 312

Students and Postdoctoral Fellows Friday Seminar Series MID1IP1 in HIV-1 Infectivity Marina Ermakova Goff Lab 12:00 Noon HHSC 312 Friday, October 31, 2014


CCNMTL rewirED Series @ Morningside: PRESENT the Information
Columbia University Morningside Campus Butler Library, Room 523

This week we will discuss what it takes to design presentations that are sleek, engaging, and effective for your specified audience. We will explore a handful of presentation tools, from the traditional PowerPoint to the web-based Google Presentations. We will then discuss how your presentation can be delivered (in-person, stand-alone, recorded lecture, etc) and the different implications this will have on your presentation design. Lastly, we will discuss the various ways of delivering your presentation, from uploading it to Courseworks or embedding it into a website, to sharing your recorded lecture or having a multi-media asynchronous conversation around your presentation (with Voicethread).

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Genetics & Development Thesis Seminar
ICRC 1st floor Auditorium

Thesis Seminar Function and regulation of HLH-2/E2A during C. elegans gonadogenesis Maria Sallee Greenwald Lab Monday, November 3, 2014 1:00 PM ICRC 1st floor Auditorium


10 Steps to Success: Managing Your Data and Your Dissertation
Studio@Butler - 208 Butler Library, Columbia University

In this workshop hosted by the Center for Digital Research and Scholarship, we’ll discuss steps you can take to be a more effective and efficient researcher or scholar. Learn tips and tricks to help you be a better steward of your data, your dissertation, and your future projects. No matter what your discipline or format is, careful data management will hep ensure your project’s success and you data’s value for future work. We will begin by discussing ways to keep your information and data safe, findable, and usable from your project’s inception, through its publication, and to its next instantiation. As you work on your dissertation, you have a range of choices to make in an increasingly complex scholarly communications environment. To help you sort through your options, we’ll review important fundamentals of copyright, publication agreements, open access, and Columbia’s dissertation submission process.

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Special seminar
Columbia University Medical Center Neurological Institute Auditorium, 1st Floor 710 W. 168th St., New York, NY 10032

Lawrence L. Wald, PhD, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences Technology, will present a seminar on "New Directions for Brain MRI Hardware and Acquisition".

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Culture of Service
Hammer Health Science Building - 701 West 168th Street - Room LL-110

Patient centered care focuses our attention on increased patient loyalty, maintaining current patients, growing practices and increased volume that leads to increased revenue. Participants will gain an understanding of the importance of a service of culture and the impact of individual performance to reinforce it and awareness of our expectations for service.


Origins of Environmental Law Lecture Series: The Clean Water Act: Conference with the House Public Works Committee
Columbia University Morningside Campus International Affairs Building, Room 407

Speakers: Leon G. Billings and Thomas C. Jorling


CCNMTL rewirED Series @ CUMC: DRIVE the Discussion
Columbia University Medical Center Campus Hammer Health Sciences Building HSC 202A

This week we will discuss different methods for stimulating meaningful discussions in the classroom and on the web. Questions we will ask during this hour will include: What makes discussion an effective instructional approach? What challenges are there associated with discussion? How can we extend the discussion from the classroom to the online environment or from the online environment to the classroom? This Rewired session will spotlight discussion techniques and tools to help you succeed with your pedagogical goals.

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CCNMTL rewirED Series @ JTS: ACTIVATE The Classroom
The Jewish Theological Seminary 3080 Broadway Kripke 610

This week we will discuss different ways to cultivate an active classroom. We will look at how we can use audience response systems as an active learning tool to engage students in their learning and also to evaluate what they have learned.

Seminar in Neurobiology
Columbia University Medical Center Neurological Institute Auditorium 710 W. 168th Street

Elly Nedivi, PhD, Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT, will speak on "Structural Dynamics of Neocortical Inhibitory Circuits".


Special Meeting with Provost John Coastsworth, PhD to Discuss the Tenure Process
College of Physicians and Surgeons P&S Amp 1 1st Floor 630 West 168th Street Columbia University Medical Center

All CUMC faculty are invited to join us for a presentation by Provost John Coatsworth, PhD, and representatives from the Provost's office discussing the tenure evaluation process at Columbia University.

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