College of Dental Medicine


To train dentists for the future, to serve the community, and to inspire research to advance dental medicine
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Columbia University College of Dental Medicine (CDM) was established in 1916, and has been known for most of its history as the School of Dental and Oral Surgery. Located on the University's Medical Center Campus since it opened in 1928, the College links its research and teaching programs to the vast resources of the University in general and the Medical Center in particular. The College seeks to attract a diverse faculty and student body, to foster a supportive and intellectually challenging academic environment, and is committed to improving the oral health of vulnerable populations. In harmony with the mission of Columbia University, CDM is developing an international program in education and service.

The College's mission has evolved into a tripartite commitment to education, patient care, and research to

  • train general dentists, dental specialists, and future dental faculty in a setting that emphasizes a close linkage to medical sciences and comprehensive dental care delivery in an environment that stimulates professional growth;
  • provide comprehensive dental care for the underserved community of northern Manhattan, and to develop focused international oral health care programs; and,
  • inspire, support, and promote faculty, student, and resident participation in research to advance the knowledge base in dental medicine

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