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Richard Mayeux, M.D., M.Sc.Richard Mayeux, M.D., M.Sc.

Director, Gertrude H. Sergievsky Professor of Neurology, Psychiatry and Epidemiology; Director, Sergievsky Center

Phone: (212) 305-2391

Email: rpm2@columbia.edu

Dr. Mayeux has been the author of over 300 papers, chapters and books dealing with various aspects of Alzheimer disease and other degenerative diseases of the aging brain.

He received the Leadership and Excellence in Alzheimer disease Award from the National Institute of Aging for his investigation of genetic and environmental interaction in the etiology and pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease and related forms of dementia. He is an elected member of the Association of American Physicians, the American Epidemiological Society and The Institute of Medicine of the National Academies.

Dr. Mayeux has led a multidisciplinary, population-based, epidemiological investigation of Alzheimer disease and related conditions known as the Washington Heights-Inwood Community Aging Project. This study has provided the most current information on the rates of these diseases among elderly from African-American, Caribbean Hispanic and Whites in these urban communities. This study has provided information on the relationship between Alzheimer disease and hormone replacement therapy in postmenopausal women; genotypic variability of APOE risk in different ethnic groups; and the relationship of alterations in lipid metabolism and risk of dementia. His current research involves genetic investigation of Alzheimer's disease in Caribbean Hispanic families with and studies of the heritability of longevity.

Selected Recent Publications:

  • Luchsinger JA, Tang M-X, Shea S, Mayeux R. Hyperinsulinemia and risk of Alzheimer's disease. Neurology 2004; 63:1187-92.
  • Lee JH, Mayeux R , Mayo D, Santana V, Williamson J, Flaquer A, Ciappa A, Rondon HZ, Estevez P, Lantigua R, Kawari T, Toulina A, Medrano M, Torres M, Stern Y, Tycko R, Rogaeva E, St George-Hyslop, Knowles JA. Fine mapping of 10q and 18q for familial Alzheimer disease in Caribbean Hispanics. Mol Psychiatry 2004; 9:1042-51.
  • Honig L, Kukul B, Mayeux R. Atherosclerosis and AD: Analysis of data from the US national Alzheimer's Coordinating Center. Neurology 2005; 64: 494-500.
  • Schupf N, Costa R, Luchsinger J, Tang MX, Lee JH, Mayeux R. Relationship between plasma lipids and all-cause mortality in nondemented elderly. J Am Geriatr Soc. 2005; 53:219-26.
  • Luchsinger J, Reitz C, Honig LS, Tang M-X, Mayeux R. Aggregation of vascular risk factors and risk of Alzheimer's disease. Neurology; 2005: 65: 545-51.
  • Mayeux R. Mapping the new frontier: complex genetic disorders. J Clin Invest 2005; 115:1404-1407.
  • Rippon GA, Tang M-X, Lee JH, Lantigua R, Mayeux R. Familial Alzheimer Disease in Caribbean Hispanics: Interaction Between Stroke, Estrogen Replacement and APOE. Neurology 2006; 66:35-40.
  • Reitz C, Luchsinger JA, Tang MX, Manly J, Mayeux R. Stroke and memory performance in elderly persons without dementia. Arch Neurol 2006; 63:571-6.
  • Honig LS, Schupf N, Lee JH, Tang MX, Mayeux R. Shorter telomeres are associated with mortality in those with APOE epsilon4 and dementia. Ann Neurol. 2006; 60: 181-7


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